Accurate description or pic of blue nuit?

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  1. I'll find out soon enough when I visit the boutique, but I was wondering in the meantime if anyone had an accurate pic of the color blue nuit? When I look on the LV website sidebar for wallet colors (in vernis) it looks like a bright ocean blue, but in the actual pics it looks like a deep dark blue, almost navy. I also ran across a pic of someones interior purse on this forum and it looked like a very bright blue to me. I really prefer a dark shade of blue-maybe it depends all on the lighting.

    Anyway, I'm considering a ZCP in vernis to go with the azur bag I intend to buy. Looks like the majority say get 'blue nuit' Thanks!
  2. ^ the bright ocean blue is last year's seasonal colour galatic blue. Blue nuit is dark...

    Here's a photo I have of the blue nuit alma and the galatic blue cles further down :P

  3. Ah...thanks...I feel better now :smile:
  4. No probs :P
  5. It does have turquoisey-teal undertones.
  6. I agree with DS. It's definitely not Navy...but it is a darker shade of blue.
  7. Here is my wilshire. It is a GORGEOUS color!!!
  8. It is a dark blue with a definite tinge of green undertones. A very pretty shade, but not a royal or navy blue.
  9. It is a gorgeous color and looks beautiful with the Azur-thanks for posting!
  10. beljwl's pictures capture the color well. Here are two pictures that also show the color. You can see how it changes when the light hits it. It can look dark or a little lighter. Anyway the light hits it, I believe, would look fabulous with the azur. I LOVE the color!!!!
  11. I LoVe the Bleu Nuit color!! :love::tender: I have the Alma MM in this color on my 2010 wishlist!! :tup:
  12. LOVE bleu nuit! I must get something in this colour, even just a key pouch. :smile: