Accounting- Taxes- Ebay

  1. Its almost tax season- arggg, and I was just curious if everyone keeps accurate track of their eBay sales, and if so, what software program do they use (if any). I have just used an excel spreadsheet, 1 worksheet for each month of the year, I separate costs into columns (paypal fees, eBay fees, etc). I'm curious to hear how everyone else does it.
  2. I use quickbooks simple start.
  3. You can export your list of sales from Paypal, but I actually just write it down in a book and give the book to my tax guy at the end of the year.
  4. I usually spend about a week cursing out PayPal and going through ten printer ink cartridges trying to get stuff that makes sense to give to my accountant, LOL. I really could use a better system!

    Gosh, anyone else think it's fascinating that only four people have participated in this thread so far? Well, at least we know of four eBay sellers who most likely actually pay/file taxes on their sales. :lol:
  5. I don't sell much so I don't report it on my taxes.
  6. Taxes... its too early to bring that up! Although, I have made a couple calls to my accountant already and we are planning a meeting very soon :yucky:

    We use Quickbooks though because we accept several forms of payment besides paypal so that using their info would not be good enough.

    I like the spread sheet idea though... you can also make a column for what category the expense is so that at the end of the year you can sort by that column and get a total for each category.
  7. When I sell household items/jewelry/misc. accessories and such, it's typically at a net loss so there's nothing to report. If I sold my Babylone tomorrow, I'd never get the full retail price even though it looks totally new.