Account was hacked, quick warning

  1. Hi guys, just posting a quick warning. My eBay account was hacked this afternoon and I didn't realize it until I started getting email from angry sellers about all the spam I was sending them! I contacted eBay and got everything straightened out, but I was still confused about how the spammer managed to get my password. I mean, I don't answer any of the phishing emails that commonly circulate. It turns out that I *may* have responded to an email though that I didn't realize was spam!

    It turns out that eBay scammers now have a way to simulate questions from potential buyers. They will send them to people who have listed a bunch of auctions and anticipate the seller answering the question directly from their email (as I usually did, just by clicking on the "answer me" link). Then the spammer sends you to a fake "login" page and steals your password. Ebay let me know that I should only answer questions from bidders via the "My eBay" page from now on because it is secured.

    The hacker didn't do any damage to my account, just caused me a half hour of hassle, but I thought I'd warn you sellers about the scam!
  2. oh, that is really sneaky! thanks for the tip!
  3. that IS sneaky. Thank you so much for letting us know.
  4. Thanks! i just had my acct hacked last week, it is a pain!
  5. Thank you vanojr9 :welcome: Much appreciated. :yes:
  6. Thanks for the info! I just listed several items!
  7. Thanks for the warning!
  8. I heard about people doing that with myspace, but with ebay?! That's terrible. If you are asked to log in, just make sure you type in first, then log in!
  9. wow- this is good to know! I'll always login from the homepage from now on! thanks for the tip!
  10. I've noticed the spam I get lately is from more established ebayers instead of new accounts from asia - that's probably what is happening. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. tnx for the tip!
  12. :cursing: They did it to my acc, too! I made mistake with answered their msg without check "hide my email address" then a few days after that, I found unauthorized user accessed my acc, re-listed and listed all my LV and try to change my eBay email address with their personal email address :cursing: I hopw they all will $%&*#@B%& Be careful, just skip their stupid emails!
  13. Mine was hacked a while back and I still don't know why. I never answered any ebay emails. All I know is I got an official email addressed to somone else. I tried to log in via official ebay page and my password was changed. They didn't do anything except try to register as a seller but the hacker hadn't paid the 5.00 fee so no damage was done. It was frustrating though.
  14. I had a similar thing happen, although in my case the person was listing fraudulent items on my account. eBay took care of it and reversed all the fees, but I still had my account locked for two days and had to change all my passwords. Be careful, this is going on frequently!
  15. Make sure that every time you access EBay, it is showing https:\\ ~ the 's' showing it is a secure site.

    Also if it is phishing mail, it will redirect you to a different site, rather than EBay, always remember to keep an eye on the url you are being taken to.

    With faster processors, faster broadband connections, you can open a web page and while it is loading, it could have downloaded a file to your pc, and you may not notice it.

    Remember to run your anti-virus and anti-spyware regularly, and keep them both up to date, and try to run something which will stop those pages opening in the first place, with something like Spyware Blaster.

    It is really important, particularly if you are using financial information online.