Account limitations on Gucci, Vuitton (RANT on Vero)


Sep 16, 2007
RARRRRRRRRR! I am so frustrated with Ebay right now. I understand and support the Vero program in theory as I hate fakes and the scammers that hock them on Ebay. BUT IN REALITY they are so inept! Who are these people? Ebay tells us that they are "trademark holders," but then why are they so ignorant of whats real and whats not.

I'm doing some closet cleaning for the new year, and selling off a lot of my designer clothes and bags. For the most part, this is going on with no problem, but I have particular problems with GUCCI and VUITTON. I understand those are the most faked, but if you are a "trademark holder" don't you know when you are looking at something real? I purchased all these items directly from the boutiques or Neiman Marcus, Saks, way they could be fake...and yet they have repeatedly canceled my auctions and now my account is limited and they won't let me sell some brands anymore! Meanwhile, there is a whole slew of ACTUAL fakes on Ebay.

I write them to appeal, and they say, sorry write us back in 6 months.

This is why Ebay will never move beyond what they are now, and will forever be viewed as a venue where buyers are paranoid. They will never get rid of the fakes and the scammers because they aren't careful about seperating them from honest people that are actually selling real items. I am so frustrated right now.


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Apr 11, 2006
when selling designer, you really need to take good clear pics, very professionally. if you have receipts, include those as well. pics of datcodes/tags/heatstamps/prints/monograms/etc....are all avery important.

you have to remember that if the buyers and the vero people cant see thigns clearly, you run the risk of it possibly looking inauthentic.

the best way to sell, and avoid any issues with vero at all, are to take clear pics, assure the items authenticity in the listing, and include/photo any receipts/tags/etc.

sorry to hear this happened to you. :sad:


Jun 15, 2007
The same thing just happened to me.

This is the first I listed designer brand bags on Ebay.

I don't know what to do. How can I avoid it?
I got these bags straight from the shops.


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Aug 8, 2007
i agree, it can be annoying and it is indeed aggravating when ebay seems to punish honest sellers while letting other sellers sell blatant fakes.

pretty much all you can do, is as jun3 suggested is:

--use clear, detailed pictures (no blurry or distant pictures)
--show picture of receipt (black out personal info)
--do not use the words "like new" in your listing (it will get pulled)
--do not use names of celebrities in the listing
--put a disclaimer, saying something like "i am not affiliated with louis vuitton/gucci or what not, i just am a fan of their products" or something like that