Account has been hacked into Twice in one week

  1. I am trying to sell my diamond movado watch and my fendi spy bag. Earlier this week my account was tapped into and they cancel all bids on my items and started offering buy it now for less than what the items were going for. I emailed eBay and was told that since my auction had 10hrs to go they could not cancel the auction my behalf. So I cancel each bid and email the bidders trying to explain that the items will be relisted. Last night it happened again but they didnt touch the items that I have listed. I am scared that I will never get rid of these items with two days to go.
  2. Have you changed your password to something with letters, numbers and characters?

  3. my first password for eBay had 4 letters and three numbers, I then changed it to 8 Letters and 4 numbers now my password 10 letters no numbers. I have this sinking feeling someone just doesnt want me to sell it.
  4. Hmm...very strange! Are you using a secure wireless network?
  5. Maybe your computer has spyware on it?

  6. I thought I was I have a firewall and use norton but I will have my bf check it out tonight for sure. I pray to god the same thing does not happen with two days left till the auction ends.