accordion zip-arounds

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  1. i just got the accordion zoe wallet red patent. i m putting it aside for a bit bc it is a my bday gift

    but is it ime or is this style a lot hard to get cards in and out of? or does it kinda break-in?
  2. I've had a leather accordion zip wallet for about 9 months, and in the beginning it was a little difficult to get cards in and out, especially those cards in the top slots.

    It has broken in nicely now, and love it. I can't imagine ever using a different style wallet! :smile:
  3. I don't have a Coach zip around wallet, but I do have a similar type (a Kate Spade one). I found that it was difficult to get cards in and out of the bottom slots at first, but the leather will eventually break in. It's a great style wallet!
  4. I got a new accordian zip wallet awhile back and it took a bit to break in the card slots - was really hard to get the cards in/out for awhile. I put multiple cards in each pocket to stretch them out faster and it's fine now. I also got the Zoe one in the crimson - I only use one wallet pretty much until it dies (unless I need to switch out for a small clutch and then I have smaller ones), but I love that Zoe one so bought it so I'll have my next wallet already to go!
  5. It's not you! I also have an issue, but most of my zip arounds have broken in after using them a few times. It's still not as nice as some of the envelope style wallets IMO, but it does get better.
  6. I have an accordian zip wallet and I love it. I'll be honest, it's much easier getting my cards in and out of the slots than my old one (which was from Target).
  7. I'm sure it will break in. My regular Coach wallet was a little stiff at first too.
  8. I have that Zoe wallet in antique gold and it's a dream. It looks great and it's easy to use. No break in required!!
  9. I have the berry heritage stripe zip-around according wallet and I've had no problem getting cards in and out. I only put one card in per slot, though. But if yours is stiff, it'll probably just take a few uses before it breaks in. These wallets are great. I use mine as a clutch sometimes when I don't want to carry a purse. I just put my chapstick, keys, etc. in the inside zippered pocket.
  10. just use it for a bit and it will break in. at first, it was kind of tough for me to get my cards out, but then after i kept on using it, it loosened up.

    the red patent sounds yummy, happy b-day to you too!
  11. Mine has definitely broken in. I have had it for a few months. I love it!
  12. I have the brown Heritage Stripe zip-around and I far prefer it to any other style of wallet I've used. The card slots took a little while to loosen up, but they did, and I really love the fact that nothing can fall out of the wallet when I open it. Your new wallet sounds beautiful - congratulations!
  13. I just got one and I was really hesitant about the style, but I love it now. I can't imagine using anything else. It seemed to break in within a couple of times sliding the card in and out.
  14. I have one in the Heritage Stripe Berry and Denim Zoe they took a couple of weeks to break in and now I can get my cards in and out easy. I was hesitant too at first about this type of wallet but since they have broken in I can't imagine using anything else.