Accordion Zip-Around Wallet in a Swing Pack?

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  1. I love my handbags to be matching with my wallet and I am planning to get my first Coach, a Signature Stripe Swing Pack.

    So I was looking through the wallets and the only one I really liked was the Signature Stripe Accordion Zip-Around Wallet.
    But it's 8 (L) x 4 (H) and my Swing Pack is only 7 1/2 (L) x 8 1/2 (H). Do you think if I had it on kinda of a slant it would fit?

    Also on the Coach site is says "Monogramming is not available for Khaki/Pale Blue and Khaki/Punch". What does "monogramming" mean? Can they monogram your name or something?
  2. yes they can monogram up to three initials, but not on the blue or pink color
  3. Swing Pack is too small for a Zip around accordian wallet...I think we had this conversation before.
  4. is there a extra cost for monogramming?
  5. $25 and u cant return the item ever

  6. hahaa, when I say this in my head, I kind of laugh to myself.. !!
    but it's true - no returning. and it's not like nice treaded monograming - it's like embossed? monogramming. it looks kind of cheap on some styles in my opinion...
  7. thank you.