Accordion Pleat Scarf Questions!!!!

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  1. My DH just came back from London with this amazing scarf for me!

    Its black and mauve and blue and called

    something that translates to "A Horse on My Scarf"

    I love it! Its got a big horse, then little horses inside it and its surrounded by horseshoes!!! So cute!

    It came in a round box and I don't know how to store it. Its hard to roll it back up and keep the pleats pleated.

    What is the best way to store the pleated scarves???

    (and isn't he a good DH, gals???) :yahoo:
    IMG_1907.JPG IMG_1909.JPG IMG_1912.JPG IMG_1911.JPG
  2. Don't know much about scarves but I know this one sure looks good on you in that last picture :yes:.
  3. Again, the number one thing here is....We love your DH!! :heart::heart::tup:

    That he chose a plisse means he really spent some time with the SA to learn about them. SWEET DH!
    Thats point number one.:tup:

    Number have to store it in the box. It gets easier every time, with practice you can do it in no time. Well, not no time, but quickly. It is truely a pain, but a must to keep the pleats and edges perfect.

    Hold it by one tip, and let it hang, it will tend to fold in half. then wind that around the end of your hand, mostly the fingertips, rather than the wider part... carefully.

    It should end up roughly the same size as the box. Place it in the box and then you can stick your finger in the middle to wind it a little tighter if you need to. You should see the edges on top. You can shake the box a little to help it settle in.

    If there is another way, I would LOVE to know, but this is all I know to do....

    Good luck, great scarf!!
  4. What a thoughtful DH! He picked a very nice plisse. The only good way I know to store them is in their box. I do what I saw my SA do--fold them in half lengthwise and wrap them around my hand so it makes a tight circle and fits back in the box. I guess eventually the pleats loosen over time and with cleaning, but they can be freshened up by Hermes for about $40, well worth it for the pleasure of a having a plisse.
  5. CB, we posted at the same time and see eye to eye on everything, lol!
  6. What a beautiful scarf. I tend to hang it from my fingers (I don't fold it in half) and the wrap around my hand. I then store it in the box.
  7. Saligator, if it looks like the pleats are opening up as you wind it around your hand, you might want to start again. If you do it right, the pleats pretty much stay closed.

    WAAH. I want to wear one right now. But to do yard work...? NAH!!!
  8. ;)

  9. Thanks for the help so fast! It seems like its going to take some practice. It really wants to uncoil and some of the pleats get squished no matter what. Maybe I need a bigger box -- like a hat box size?

    DH said he took a lot of time to learn about the scarves and decided that he liked this style of scarf the best. Then he said he spent ages on pattern and color.
    He went on about how he liked that the pattern was a horse, but that it had horses inside and that he liked the horseshoes as well. I'd say-- all by himself he did a great job--an extremely generous present and I was totally surprised!

    also tricia thanks for the nice compliment
  10. Beautiful scarf and beautiful DH!
  11. So, I just tried again. The narrow ends are fine, but as I wind (even at the fingertips) the pleats start unfolding or getting wide. It really is like a spring! ColbaltBlu, do you fold it in half lenghwise or anything before you wind?
  12. I am always scared that if I fold it in half, I will stretch the pleat, here are some pics of how I do it. The pleats all stay tight and intact this way:
    IMG_5561.JPG IMG_5562.JPG IMG_5563.JPG IMG_5564.jpg IMG_5565.JPG
  13. ColbaltBlu, great instructions.
    I do not fold mine in half.
    When you get it into the box, it sort of adjusts itself.
  14. Oh! Okay, ROSE on that FOURTH step, that is where I have my freak out because it looks like the pleats are coming undone, but then when you put it in the box they all pleat up again. Is that what happens? VERY HELPFUL. THANK YOU A BILLION for posting photos!!!! xoxox
  15. ps NICE scarf, too ROSE!!