Accordion Chain makes old things new :)

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  1. Have to thank melikemochi for this genius idea. Thanks, girl! Allow me to demonstrate how it transforms Cerises Pochette from cute to HOT and my MC zippy from wallet to wristlet :smile:
    Also, I tried to convert Cerises into a Sophie-esque style, and I think she looks very nice this way too.
    Anyway, I've missed this board. Sorry I've been away but I've actually been WORKING :smile: I lvoe the new gig and hope it will eventually go from temp to permanent...
    Ok picture time:
  2. alwayz gorgeous!! it looks real cute!
  3. hey girl, thats so cute!! i didnt know you got an MC zippy!

    It looks really cute on the ceries and the zippy!

  4. thanks :smile: hehe, ya mc zippy was one of the "secret" purchases :P that thing's great! best wallet i've ever used.

  5. cool!

    i bought my MC pochette about 2 months ago, and it was a secret purchase between my mom, me, friends, and of course, tPF!! My mom said that i had to keep it a secret from my dad, and when the Amex bill came, I would have to run and grab it before my dad saw it.. :roflmfao:'

    2 days ago, i acidentally left it out on my dad picks it up and goes

    "Zoe, is that your bag??"

    Me: "yes..."

    Dad: "oh well"... (and he does the i-cant-do-anything shrug)

  6. Thanks for the fabulous pix!!

    I too wish to thank melikemochi for this brilliant idea!! It's perfect for transforming my pochette from day-use to evening (for such a reasonable price too).

    --- Best of luck with your new gig!! ---
  7. couture-girl, u crack me up.

    thank you, mid :smile:
  8. great photos and idea on the zippy! i need to purchase one of them chains.
  9. Congrats on the MC zippy wallet!

    :tup: on reinventing the wristlet, pochette version of the *Sophie*, and just vamping the pochette! They are HOT HOT!!:woohoo:
  10. wonderful ideas :biggrin:
  11. wow that looks HOT! congrats on the zippy too!
    zoe, you are so funny!
    luckily, my dad doesnt have a credit card, so we dont have to worry about him accidentally seeing the bill. MUHAHAHA
  12. Great ideas and super cute pics! Love the cerises and the MC zippy!
  13. WoW!! i love how you accessorized everything!! u look gorgeous with the cerises..i like it better how u have it than Sophie actually..i am def going to steal ur zippy wristlet idea..sorry but I have too!! i love it too much!!!
  14. I want to thank melikemochi, too, for the great idea! I bought my chain last week and :heart: how it transforms my Pochettes (mono and damier) into darling little evening bags. Almost feel like I have a Sophie! :P
  15. Wow they look great! And you take such great pictures too!
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