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  1. 1 in 10
    the number of women willing to spend $150 or more on a handbag

    3 lbs
    weight of the average womans handbag

    the highest price that a luxury handbag sold for on eBay

    Percentage of women who would splurge ona handbag if they could choose only one designer item. only 9% would choose shoes.

    number of bags Marc Jacobs has named after models.

    "Man Purse"
    The name might have negative connotations now, but back in the 1800s, pirses were small bags used to hold coins. Only men carried them

    number of handbags the average woman owns

    amount the average woman spent on her last handbag

    3 in 4 women
    have a favorite handbag

    Handbagging (v: to bruise)
    origin; Margaret Thactcher's no holds-barred debating style and her lust for handbags. Meaning: her words had left her opponent as metaphorically bruised as if she had swung her handbag at him.

    I think the number would be skewed if this were applied to TPF! :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.