According to Saks...

  1. they are sold out for good in black large muse..

    Are they usually accurate with their information or could I believe they might get more in? I was trying to hold out until friends and family next week but i might have to get it from Neimans.
  2. or keep checking Bluefly, they get them sporadically
  3. That's what they said about the large Tribute also previously, as it is even backordered online. However if you pick a good sa, he can take your name down and hunt for it. They then can ship it to the store and once it's in, they should give you a call to see if you're still interested in the said bag. Good luck!
  4. sorry, i meant Saks online
  5. What about
    I think they are still selling them... I've been looking at their online shopping website everyday and it's still there...

    Ahh, you might be right. I just checked back and it seems like what I thought was "black" was actually "chocolate brown."
    Ugh, this is a bad news for me as well, since i've been eyeing for a new black bag and muse large was one of the bags that caught my eyes. :sad:
  6. I was told the same thing from my sales associate.