According to NAP, the new Mulberry "It" Bag

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  1. i like it in theory, but it looks so difficult to get into! i will never use a bag that i have to unbuckle, unzip, and whatever to get into...
  2. its ok
  3. Lol! I agree. Too challenging for me:roflmfao:.
  4. some of the hardware seems unneccessary (and this is coming from a MJ fan!)
  5. I don't think it's an "it" bag. But that's just me.
  6. I agree.
  7. I am not getting it but they are saying it is the "Mulberry 'It' bag" not an "It" bag. I agree with others that it does look a bit challenging to use...
  8. I like the looks of it. Maybe it won't be too difficult to get into. My Rosemary looks like it would be hard to get into because it has three separate buckle closures, but they are actually just magnetic snaps. You don't actually have to unbuckle the buckles.
  9. I saw this bag in Selfridges on monday and wasn't that impressed - I mean the leather was the usual quality and it looked well made. It was just the shape seemed ordinary to me and there were a lot of seperate compartments all over - I am usually a huge Mulberry fan. Maybe it will grow on me but I don't think it will ever be an "it" bag either, not in the way the Roxanne was.
  10. I'd get it if I was planning on going on safari.
  11. I don't like it at all. It's too gimmicky and polished to have the appeal that Mulberry usually have (that raw,pared-down chic you find with the original Roxy's and Bayswater). The shape is not original,practical or flattering to most people.

    I think they *wish* it'd be a new It Bag.

    I wish that Mulberry would stick to doing what we love them for...beautifully crafted,plain and simple leather bags. All the embellishment,braiding,top-stitching and other gimmicks they've been adding to their bags are not doing the brand any good in my opinion.
  12. Yeah the leathery smell may attract a few of the big 5 :lol: .
  13. Agree with most of the posters in this thread. Surely Mulberry is capable of much better?