Accordian style wallet

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  1. I really need a big wallet to hold everything so I'm thinking about the Coach sig stripe accordian--does anyone own this? Do you like it? etc..just tell me what ya think!

  2. I have one in Mahogany and I ADORE it. It has 12 slots and 3 spaces for bills or receipts. Also has a small change compartment. Legacy lining too! I have a Razr phone and sometimes it even fits in there too! I use it as a man clutch, a mutch as I said before. :sneaky:
  3. Lol. I was @ Coach yesterday and I really want one but its $228! Maybe I'll wait til PCE.
  4. I have the new tattersall.....I LOVE it!!
  5. Yes I love it :smile:
  6. See, this is why I shouldn't have asked, now it is a must have! Geez!
  7. I have two and i think that the accordian zip is the best wallet
  8. :woohoo:

    I love that--mutch....:roflmfao:

  9. i have one and it literally holds everything!! i love it
  10. Thanks gals and guys!

    Looks like I will be adding this to the list.