Accompany me in my Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask journey

  1. After hearing all the raves about this mask, my mission to find it began today.

    I started at Target, I asked the associate "Do you happen to have the Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask?" she said, "Huh?" I knew then what the answer was going to be, but, I repeated myself a second time. Her answer was, "I don't think so, I've never even heard of it." Exactly was I suspected!

    My next stop was Wal-Mart, yea, the dreadful Wal-Mart, but who can compete with those prices?! Once again, no luck there. After waiting almost 30 minutes in line:wtf: I left and headed over to Walgreens.

    I get to Walgreens and see the price tag on the shelf for the mask, right next to the St. Ives products(which I love!) but no mask:sad:. I figured, since they are sold out, this mask must really be something to travel around town for!:yes: So, I head for the door when I see a sign for 50% off lipgloss:nuts: I grabbed a few colors, checked out, and headed to CVS.

    When I get to CVS I have tunnel vision, I head straight for the facial isle. Is it there? I scan the shelves, I'm about to cry! Its not there! But then, out of the corner of my eye, oh my gosh, there it is!! At the very bottom, next to the crap nobody has ever heard of before, I'm on cloud nine! :yahoo:

    I came straight home, washed off the day, and put the mask on. I left it on for about 15 minutes, it smelled so great! Nice and minty. After it dried, I washed it off and I could already feel a difference in my face! I cant believe I waited so long to go out and buy the mask!

    I feel like I have the worst acne on planet earth, and I'm hoping this will help. I will keep everyone up to date on my thoughts of the mask, but thus far, after just one application, my face feels much better.

    I do have a question for those of you who are familiar with the mask...have you used any other Queen Helene's facial products? How do you like them?

    Thanks for reading:tender:
  2. The Mint Julep Mask is great! :tup: I use it when my skin needs to feel extra refreshed but usually I just moisturize daily, exfoliate, tone, and do the lactic acid peel (40%) once a week to clear up my skin.

    I tried the Queen Helene Vitamin E Peel Off Mask and definitely did not like it. :sad:
  3. I love this mask! I think it makes such a difference on my skin. The other products I've used are the Vitamin C peel off mask, which I really liked... my skin felt so clean and refreshed afterwards. I've also tried the Grape Seed peel off mask, which my mom uses... she swears by it, but I really didn't like it. Maybe my skin is too sensitive for that one, but my face got really red afterwards, and I didn't notice any difference.

    Edit: I've never seen the Vitamin C or Grape Seed one at Walgreens (however, I do buy the Mint Julep one there). I was able to get these at Ulta, but it's hit or miss... sometimes they are sold out.
  4. I've used the grape seed extract and mud pack. They're both great. Mint Julep is still my favorite though. I love its smell.
  5. Queen Helene' is usually found at CVS, is there a walgreens near you? you should be able to find it. I understand what your going throught though. When I go to find that facial mask its usually like a few available.
  6. They have it on too :yes:

    I used Queen Helene in the past, but it's been a loooong time. Maybe I'll try it again!
  7. Yay you found it Val. I have used their Mint Julip facial scrub and also the Cocoa Butter scrub and like them both.
  8. I had all of the QH mask types and used them quite regularly. Never did anything much in the way of clearing up my skin, but make my skin softer.
    I find that now, when I need to clear something up fast, I use the Mario Badescu drying lotion, it works great!
  9. oh my gosh, i just tried this for the first time last saturday (before going to a wedding) after hearing all the great reviews here. i love it!! my pores looked less visible ....yey!!!
  10. I have the mint julep mask and facial both of 'em
  11. I love the smell and it feels really good on your face. It has worked really well for me, especially with stupid blackheads. Lately I've been having pretty clear skin thanks to my amazing aspirin mask. :amuse: I switch between this and the aspirin mask. I hope it works for you!
  12. I love this mask! Its really good for getting rid of least for me. I bought mine from Ulta.
  13. Bought a bunch of this when I was in LA! Boooo I wish Canada would wake up and prioritize their stock better. :p
  14. I love this mask as well. I notice a huge difference on places where i have large pores and blackheads.This mask makes them a lot less visible. :smile:
  15. if you like the QHMJM and the aspirin mask, try combining them!! I usually mix about 3 dissolved aspirins in my hand then add the mask and mix well. let it dry and gently scrub as you rinse, its great!