Accidently Ripped Lv Gift Certificate! HELP!

  1. I had a stack of papers on my desk and my so placed the gift certificate ($700) on the desk under my stack of papers so I ripped it up and threw it into the garbage. When I asked where my certificate was, my so and I figured out what happened. Im freaking out right now because I dont know if Lv will honor it since its ripped up and its too late to call cs! Please help! Has any of this happened to you? Tia!
  2. i havent had it happen to me. but i would just say bust out the tape and head over to lv!
  3. I'm so sorry, I'm pretty sure they'll honor it.... but who gave it to you cause you know how they ask for peoples names once you purchase something? Maybe they have it under that persons name so if you taped the certificate together and told them whos name it would be under then that might be okay?? I think as long as its legible..... :shrugs: I hope everything works out!!!!! GL!
  4. Thanks! My so gave it to me and it has his name on it! He still has the original receipt too so I hope it helps! Im still pretty worried but thank you ladies!

  5. I think you will be ok. Just bring it to the LV store with the receipt from your SO and just explain what happened... that you accidently ripped it in half.... Ironically, LV now has the credit card style gift certificates instead of the paper gift certificates (probably for this reason!!)

    Let us know what you buy!!!
  6. I'll be so scare too. but at least your SO still have the original receipt. :sweatdrop:
  7. Oh no! I hope everything works out for you, let us know!
  8. don't worry.. i'm sure its gonna be ok.. update us on what happens! goodluck
  9. please update us on after yr LV visit..:tup:
  10. ohh wow I hope this works out for you! I'm pretty sure that they will still honor it!
  11. Good luck! I hope it works out for you!!!
  12. If you have found bits of it, wouldn't it have some sort of Gift Certificate Number on it that they can just look up on the computer? Did it just have your name on it or your full account details because they could look it up on your account just like a credit note.