Accidently bought a fake, what to do?

  1. I went to boutique in the city yesterday and bought a Galliano top, on close inspection it's not quite right and i looked it up on the net, and a site confirmed that tis a fake copy. now how to go about getting a refund? the store policy is that returns are in 7 days only for a store credit. I definitely do not want this fake piece or anything at the store which is now questionable. So how do i go about this? Im thinking of calling up tomorrow and asking for the owner/manager and explaining the situation. Then giving them the ultimatum to either refund me or I'll take it further, which could threaten the business's license and they could face large fines. The verify with some real legislation (but i cant find any on the net p.s. im in Australia) What should i do if he only offers me store credit? i think some pieces int eh store are real but i dont want to be questioning KWIM? What would you do and what is most effective?
  2. Hmm, I think you should go tell them that ultimatum you've got planned out. After all, selling fake goods is a criminal offence. Go do your thing!!! If he offers you store credit, tell him that you have lost faith in the store, and that the best would be if he refunds you fully.
  3. I agree! you should be nice about it at first though - she may possibly understand the situation herself and just give you a refund right away (:
  4. i agree with the above posters. i would just go in there and let them know that selling fakes is illegal and you want your money back.
  5. It is possible that the store did not know the shirt is fake, but I agree, they should refund your $$.
  6. wow thats crazy . Yes you need to stand your ground and demand a full refund but nicely and if not do take it further> good luck keep us posted.
  7. Phone the cops, afterall it is illegal.

  8. Don't go in there making accusations, Naughty, because they're bound to take it badly. Do go in there and discreetly ask for a manger or person of authority. Don't make a scene in front of their clients, as they won't look kindly on that. Once you've got the manager's attention, explain to him what you found out and have some written proof, if possible. Ask for a refund. They may not grant it to you, but in the least, they should grant you a store credit. Whether or not you want to purchase form them again is questionable though.

    Good luck! Keep us updated!
  9. was the shirt expensive? if it was, there is even more reason to demand a refund.
  10. Is it that store that has percentages of designer clothes etc? If so, I've checked it out and I am more than certain that all of the clothes are fake.
  11. It was $156 and had a 30% off sale so i got it for roughly $110. Which is a lot for a fake IMO (not that i would buy a fake, but for those who do) I rang the store today and spoke to the manger, whom was quite pleasant. She told me that it can be sorted out in store. then she emails me to inform me that i can in fact get a refund so im happy now hehe, hope it all pans out nicely in store too.
  12. It has a variety of designers, which are quite hard to find on this side of the world. It also has odd opening times so it may be the same store.
  13. NM: good that you can get a refund!!