Accidentally shipped an unpaid item!

  1. Yesterday 10 of my auctions sold. All but 3 bidders paid last night. Today I went to ship out all the items that had been paid for and accidentally packaged and shipped one of the items that had not been paid for yet. The buyer has 100% feedback so I hope it'll be fine, but in the event they receive the item before they pay (I shipped Priority), what do I do? Do I just have to prove to PayPal that it was delivered with a tracking number? I can't believe I did this!!! I'm normally so careful, but I've never had 10 items sell on the same day before.
  2. eep!! I'm not too sure about what you can do in this situation...
    have you contacted the buyer asking their intentions to pay for the item?/
  3. ^ I was thinking about messaging her to explain that I accidentally shipped, but then I was thinking what if she's like "Oh the item was already shipped I don't have to pay now." Of course with her feedback (100% although not a very high number) that probably won't happen, but you never know with eBay these days.
  4. Is there any way to call the company you shipped it with and tell them to emergency hold it?
  5. I did this once too! The buyer still paid... but they sent me an email saying to be careful in the future - ha :smile:
  6. I wouldn't do anything yet. Hopefully they'll pay and then think, WOW, this seller is FAST at shipping ;)
  7. Oh no! I hope everything works out and the buyer pays! I don't want to discourage you, but one day I acidentally shipped out an unpaid item and thought the same with the 100% feedback... I didn't get my money..
    But I hope people out there have some sort of conscience... GOOD LUCK!
  8. You need to hope for the best. Hopefully the seller will pay before she receives. Dont alert her of your mistake just in case she gets funny ideas. But really, most people are nice...
  9. OH MY GOD... hope buyer will pay and all goes welll.:tup:..
  10. This happened to me once and the buyer was very nice and friendly. I nearly had a heart attack, but he took it as a huuuuge compliment - that I trusted him enough to ship before payment!

    Hope this works out positvely for you too!
  11. Can you get the package back from the courier. I sent out something once and then was notified from paypal on the same day that it the buyer used a stolen credit card. I was lucky that it is a small outlet I go to and I have a PO box there and called them right away to pull it back for me.
  12. I agree. Remain optimistic. Don't e-mail her and alert her just yet, as the damage is already done.

    Best case scenario: She pays the same day it gets there. Imagine the feedback for FAST SHIPPING! :yahoo:
  13. Eeek! That's a total nightmare of mine that fortunately hasn't happened (yet??). :sweatdrop:

    Your buyer sounds solid so I'm sure, as others have already said, they will pay before it arrives and be STUNNED by your lightning shipping! :yes:
  14. I've emailed buyers sometimes with just a friendly note asking them to pay so that I can "get the item mailed out right away" or so that I can have it to them by the weekend or something. If you do that, he/she might reply and tell you when you can expect payment.

    I'm hoping you don't have anything to worry about - I think despite all the horror stories, *most* people are honest.
  15. She might just come online this evening, see she has won and pay. Did you print your shipping label via Paypal? If so,s he will receive an email telling buyer item has shipped. I think most people are honest, she will pay.

    I would be thrilled and pay immediately, leave glowing feedback for a seller if they did that to me.

    Crossing my fingers for you.