Accidentally on trend?


Mar 31, 2013
It seems round/semi circle profiled bags have been on trend lately. I saw an article in a newspaper about round bags and how everyone should get one. As I've never been the one to go for trendy bags and just do my thing, I just let out a small giggle thinking of people running out to get one, and went on reading other pages.
Then I started thinking that I actually have been favoring my MbMJ Natasha and DKNY round hobo lately. So it seems I have been rocking the trend without even knowing! :biggrin: The only thing that's keeping me from not putting my round bags back into their dust bags for the next year is that bag trends are not something people in this town are very big on.

Has anyone else that's not into trends found that they accidentally carry a bag that's totally on the trend bandwagon? How did you feel about it?


Jul 25, 2021
Always…Truth is, if you don’t follow the trend. The trend will follow you :biggrin:
Example: My mom handed me down her mommy jeans (‘literally’) coz she doesn’t like the shape. It fitted me like a baggy jeans. So I just started to wear it like that. Soon, baggy jeans became a

That said, I don’t get the appeal of circle bags. I had one, can never really fits all my stuff in it properly. Either my phone has to be put diagonal, or my wallet/sunglass case/hand sanitizer cannot go in…I don’t think I will ever get on that circle bag train again …

Btw, trend is just…trend. some ‘up&coming’ designers or established ones talk to some fashion editors and supply chains, to see what can be done that’s different and profitable, then it is a thing for the new ‘season‘ …it’s something to make fashion seems more relevant/important/mystic than it actually is. That’s that. I am not against fashion. I just see it as what it is. I do like to observe the industry tho. It is like PR on steroids.