Accidental purchase turned out to be perfect!

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  1. I have missed out on so many great BIN deals on ebay because I take too long thinking. Now I've developed an itchy trigger finger.
    I didn't read the entire auction when hit BIN and thought I was getting something entirely different. When I finally figured it out, I just assumed I'd have to try to sell it when I got it.
    I opened the package today and found this adorable bright green wristlet!!! I always use a wristlet on dates with my hubby but the only ones I have are basic colors. It's larger and cuter than I thought it would be. It's something I'd never purposely buy for myself so it was a happy accident. IT'S SO DARNED CUTE!!:cutesy:

  2. Awesome mistake!! That is a great color!
  3. I do that a lot too on Ebay. I think waaaaaaaaay too much and when I've done my research and found it to be a good deal, it's gone! Glad you enjoy it. It is really cute.
  4. Love it! Congrats!
  5. That is very cute. Gotta love those types of
  6. I love that wristlet!
  7. what a great pop of color!! very nice......:tup:
  8. That is such a vibrant green, very pretty.
  9. I love that green. Happy accidents are the best kind.
  10. Aw! What a pleasant surprise! I LOVE bright can always get away with a bright color on a small piece easier than a large piece! Enjoy!
  11. im curious what did you think you were buying? that is an adorable wristlet and a very nice surprise!
  12. It's a great color.
    I am thinking about getting one of the grass green Amanda satin ones that I have seen listed.
  13. i love the color! :tup:
  14. Love the color!
  15. Its very cute. Congrats.