"Accidental" HG reveal!

  1. Also need some recommendations on a twilly. There was only one Savannah dance that looked decent with it so I decided to wait.
  2. This leather and colour are so beautiful!!! Major congrats on scoring this one! Enjoy!
  3. When it is meant to be, it will find its way to you. Many congrats to you!
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  4. What about the BdG love twilly in CW 04? A very special bag with a special limited edition twilly. And you get a heart shape box.


    I'm so happy for you to score this bag! Blue obscur is such a gorgeous color. And only the insiders know how unique this bag is.
  5. Gorgeous! Really loving how stuctured the K is. Enjoy her in good health.
  6. I love that one. The colorways at my store were so limited.
  7. What a special bag!! I'm so glad you brought this beauty home.

  8. Congratulations
  9. Congratulations
  10. Gorgeous colour and leather. I'm so looking forward finding out more about this smooth leather. Couldn't find a reference tread about it, perhaps there will be one in future.

    Congrats on a very beautiful bag
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  11. stunning and stylish; may it bring you many years of pleasure
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  12. Finally got some time to take her outside. These are much better color quality photos.

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  13. That was a HUGE part of the reason I had anxiety/hesitation over this bag. There was so little out about it. I have to say I have DEFINITELY moved past it.
  14. What a gorgeous bag! Congratulations!!
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  15. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
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