"Accidental" HG reveal!

  1. This is my accidental HG reveal because truthfully in my long term purse planning it wasn't something I ever considered but clearly the H gods had other plans for me.

    My SA texted me on Friday that she had a bag for me. I let her know I was dying for a b30 in Etain or Gris asphalte. I just knew that was going to be my bag. She also has extensive knowledge of my collection and knows that I never carry black bags because I wear black all the time for work and really there are so many other colors I'd rather have. She told me she had a navy k28 for me with gold hardware and I would be NUTS not to take it. I was totally disheartened because obviously she knew I just got a K28 in gold earlier in the year. I asked her the style, leather and color just to be sure I wasn't missing something and to figure out why she would offer me another K28 after our discussions.

    She told me it was box in blue obsecur. I asked if it was sellier and she said yes. I knew at some point I wanted sellier but that was down the road. I was at a loss. I immediately got on IG and started researching. I had no clue how rare this offer was. Thank heavens I had some great TPFers watching out for me and advising me or I would have missed out on this unicorn.

    When I saw her my heart stopped. It turned out the bag is actually sombrero leather but it is close enough to box for my taste to fill that need.

    Without further delay....
  2. IMG_1500226008.011741.jpg IMG_1500226020.100248.jpg

    The veining on the leather is TDF.
  3. I will try to snap some mod shots and natural light photos when my children aren't trying to climb the walls. I have to say trying to capture the beauty of this bag in photos is pretty much impossible. In some lights it has a gray undertone, in some lights it looks a little greenish and in others it looks black.

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  4. :nuts::heart::heart::heart::heart: That's one of the most stunning bags ever! Many congrats! My fav K is the 28 Sellier and this is just the most amazingly beautiful leather and colour combo.
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  5. Congrats on this rare beauty!
  6. Congratulations! That bag is gorgeous!
  7. Forever forever forever classic. I almost SO'd this, I love smooth classic leather selliers so much. Congratulations!!!!
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  8. It's GORGEOUSSSSSSS!!! I am the same regarding black bags...why have an absolute color when H makes such amazing malleable colors. I love it...congratulations!!
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  9. Congratulations ! I just bought the little sister (k25 palladium hardware bleu obscur sellier sombrero). This is a very very spécial bag ! You have time to get your b30 later because this is a true unicorn !
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  10. STUNNING!!!!!! Wear her in the best of health. Congratulations!
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  11. Wow! Stunning and beautiful! Congratulations
  12. Holy moly, that is a stunner and the definition of a forever bag! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!!
  13. Beautiful haul!

    I find it so ironic that I bought the exact same scarves together as well. Enjoy all of your goodies in good health.
  14. Lovely!!! I had a chance to try out a constance in this leather--it is so incredibly beautiful and velvety. Sadly, it was at the SFO airport boutique, and the SA had not realized I was flying domestically (apparently that boutique only sells to international travelers; there is no option to simply pay taxes and purchase as a domestic traveler). I was pretty heartbroken :sad:
  15. Aren't the scarves amazing!! The super H spoke to my fun whimsical side and the Flowers scarf was stunning and rich with color but still feminine. Great minds!!
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