Accident in my new shoes ... Help!

  1. I have always bought designer bags but have never spent a lot of money on shoes. I really needed a comfortable pair of heals that I could get a lot of ware out of. I know for many of you it's not a lot but my mom sent me some money for my birthday and I bought a pair of Cole Haan Black Patent Leather Shoes ... $300.00. My husband bought me the matching bag! Anyway I wore them to a job interview today. After the interview I went to lunch. As I was walking to the ladies room the floor changed from Carpet to Wood Floor. One step on what was a slick floor and down I went. The manager saw the whole thing and rushed to pick me up. Apparently there have been other accidents on this floor ... it was so slippery .. so much so that I almost fell again on my way back from the Ladies Room. I filled out as accident report which was fortunate as my knee and back are now bothering me. Sadly I noticed that the heel on one of my new shoes was damaged ... patent leather ripped and pulled back in two small spots. Cole Hann was across the street so I brought the shoes in to se what they could do. As it's Patent they didn't have an exact match to fix but they made it better. The Woman in the store said I should call the the place where I had lunch and let them know what happened. She said as I had an accident on their slick floor they probably wouldn't want trouble and they would just replace my shoes.

    I wasn't really expecting a new pair of shoes but I called and spoke to the manager. I told him the shoes were only a day old and I could provide a receipt. He said that wouldn't be necessary but he would have the GM give me a call. The GM called and not only doesn't want to repair my shoes but was rude and nasty. He basically told me the accident was my fault and that he didn't think they were responsible unless one of his servers had pushed me and that I really needed to look where I was walking. I was appaued. Honestly I hadn't expected they to replace the shoes (maybe offer to have them fixed) but I hadn't expected him to be so rude and nasty. I got his supervisors name and will be calling on Monday. The reality is I had an accident in there establishment on a floor that they knew was dangerous and now I am sitting in bed with a sore knee and back. A little kindness and an apology would have made me drop the whole thing.

    Any advice ...
  2. What an :censor:!! Is this a big chain restaurant? Call the head office of this restaurant and report the GM along with the fact that your shoes were damaged and you now have knee and back pain and maybe drop the word lawyer in there somewhere and you should get some results!

    There's plenty of people out there who would just threaten to sue there and then yet all you want is what's fair, a repair
  3. i would speak to the supervisor. they are, in fact, liable, as the floor was slippery. this is why establishments are required to post signs in areas where the floor is slippery/wet. EVEN with a sign, he is liable. i would calmly explain your stance to the manager's supervisor.. just as you did to the manager, and give an accurate description of how you were treated by the manager. also, i would write down the dates/details from every discussion you have with them in case you need to reference back in the future. not only do they owe you a pair of shoes, but they owe you whatever medical care (physical therapy, etc), that you may need as a result of your fall on their slippery fall. that guy us an @ss!!!
  4. WTH?? I'd be really upset! Make sure you talk to the supervisor and mention what an a**hole this GM was. Don't be a b**ch about it but be calm and assertive. That's the best way to get someone's attention IMHO. I hope you feel better soon!
  5. the GM was extremely rude to you. it doesn't matter if one of his employees pushed you or not. as a customer in the restaurant, the restaurant owes you a duty of care. you could very well bring a torts lawsuit against them.

    I know you don't plan on bringing a lawsuit against them but if they won't do what you want tmw, kindly mention the possibilty of a torts lawsuit & how they owe you a duty of care since you were a paying customer at the restaurant. that should be able to scare them & get you what you want ;)
  6. that's just terrible. you need to clearly document a timeline as to who and when you spoke to (first and last name), the content of the conversation, and names of witnesses (cole haan employee and the first manager who saw you fall) and all hard copied evidence, such as your shoe receipts, and quote the fact that the first manager said "people slip on that all the time."

    then, write a letter to the supervisor, and if you do not hear back, write to the president or CEO of the company...from my experience, that has worked magic.

    i bought a cashmere $2000 coat from loro piana store and when it started drizzling one day, not rain, just drizzing, the dampness caused a horrible smell from the coat...i smelled like a homeless person. i went back to my sa at the store, who was lovely and very helpful, but then when she went to her manager, he balked and wrote me a nasty "sorry, not our problem" letter.

    i then wrote to the president/ceo of the company, who asked his Marketing VP of Americas to tend to the situation, and eventually, after bringing in the coat and everything, the issue was resolved. however, i later heard that the store manager LIED when he wrote in his letter to me that he went all the way up to his regional manager and they said nothing can be done. i also found out later that he told my sa that he couldn't BELIEVE that i DARED to contact the president/ceo. i hope that a** loses his job and all his credibility with his superiors.

    so this really works. make sure it's a professional letter and make sure it's addressed to the name of the president, not just "to whom it may concern"
  7. I now how you must feel - I was getting on an airplane one time in a pair of heels and the heel caught in that grating stuff and I went down. The airline was very sorry though and did buy me a new pair of shoes...

    I'm just wondering - are these the heels you were wearing?

    I see they have a nice ribbed rubber sole on them - maybe you should show them to that mean old GM and explain that it most certainly WAS their fault!

    Good Luck

    cole haan bot  pair.JPG cole haan top pair.JPG
  8. That is extremely rude of the manager, especially since he should know that you can sue him for slipping and hurting yourself on his property! I hope you didn't seriously hurt yourself!

    I'm glad to hear that the people at Cole Haan were so nice and tried to fix your shoe for you's nice to know that there are some nice people in the world :smile:
  9. I would go over his head to the corporate level and possibly have an attorney write a letter for you!
  10. Cole Haan should give you another pair if they were damaged this easily (and if the restaurant refuses to help).
  11. ^^^ Why should they? Wasn't their fault, shoes weren't designer for skating across a slippery floor. It's totally down to the restaurant to sort this problem out