Accident at the Groomers!!

  1. I am so sad and angry right both the groomer and myself! :rant::crybaby:Sorry in advance for a super long post.

    Yesterday I took Dookie in to the groomers for the first time since we moved from Toronto to Hong Kong. After dinner I went back to the groomers and while I was waiting, I heard a distinct YELP! that sounded just like my baby.

    I didn't think anything of it since he's quite the cry baby and figured maybe she just turned him too roughly or something. Well, I should've known something was wrong when the door to the grooming room was shut, and the owner, whom I was talking with, was called in. She came back out and asked me if my dog was a squirmy one? And I replied, never. He's always been very calm and still when getting haircuts. She then said it was perhaps because this was his first time getting a haircut..I said maybe.

    After an hour of waiting, he was finally taken out and he looked soooooooo cute! BUT!! They owner then said that Dookie had moved and now there's a cut on his leg. She had put this black stuff on it to stop the bleeding so I thought it was just a minor cut. I didn't get a good look at the cut at all with all the confusion going on at the shop. He was so wriggly and happy to see me that I didn't think anything was wrong, paid and left with the owner apologizing profusely.

    It wasn't until I got home did I realize that the 'cut' was actually a missing CHUNK of the skin between his tummy and outer thigh...there is a slight HOLE about 2 mm long...follow me here?

    He hasn't moved much since he got home...the light in his eyes are gone..he's shaking and he screams when other people try to pick him up. I'm really scared and worried...should I take him to the vet and demand the groomers to pay the bill? Or should I just suck up the bill since I didn't even give the groomers attitude?? :crybaby:My parents and even grandmother has yelled at me for being stupid already..what should i do??
  2. Time to go to the vet, something is not right here...OMG your poor little guy
  3. Oh and don't worry about the bill right now, just get help. But I would submit the bill to the vet. I would probably threaten their life too, but I don't recommend that ..
  4. That so upset me just reading it...your poor pup!!! Please go to the vet!! Let us know what sorry this is happening. I would be SO PISSED at the groomer...WOW!
  5. i'm soooo angry with them right now!

    i know he's not in any immediate danger since it's on his leg and he's not bleeding anymore. but if you've ever met a poodle you'll know how happy they are..and he's NOT happy right now.

    it's almost as if he's mad with me... i feel horrible for bringing him there and don't even want to think about what will happen when he gets groomed again.

    he ate his beggin' strips but hasn't touched his food. *sigh*
  6. Maybe you can get to the vet tomorrow just for a check to make sure nothing needs to be done, or if antibiotics need to be started just to be safe...
  7. it's morning over here so i may bring him in soon.

    thanks so much for the replies!! it's just heartbreaking seeing him like this...
  8. I would be freaking....I would just want to be sure that there was no possibility of infection, who knows what that groomer put on the "cut". OK, let us know what happens..
  9. the wound was disinfected and he hasn't really been licking it.

    i spoke with my parents and we will call the shop as soon as it opens and let them know how serious it is. we will then wait another day to see how he's doing. like i mentioned before, he's in no immediate danger and if he were i would take him to the vet ASAP. thanks again for the replies!
  10. Oh my gosh!!! That is so annoying!! The groomers need to be prepared in case the dog moves, KWIM?
    When my dog got spayed they burnt her stomach by accident, I was furious.
    It's like a doctor doing that to someone's baby! unacceptable.
  11. Any reputable groomer would insist that you take him to the vet and have that cut checked AND pay the bill.

    When you are working with living breathing creatures that can jump when they see or hear something that they want to check out & sharp objects, accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how careful they are, but that sounds like a cut that needs to be seen by a medical professional.
  12. Hi toiletduck...I am also in friend has a vet that makes house calls, would you like me to get you that information????
  13. Agh! Your poor baby! They must've been very rough with him because in my experience with clippers it's pretty hard to cut the skin. I would defintely complain and since your dog doesn't to have an emergency situation def. get it checked out!
  14. I hope your puppy is feeling better! What an awful experience.

    I do have to confess that I once accidentally cut the skin of a little cat at PAWS (the animal shelter where I volunteer a lot) when I was trying to remove matted fur. But I felt awful afterwards and we did take him over to the vet.

    That groomer really owes you an apology and -- if the cut gets worse -- a check up at the vet.

    For now, it sounds like you are keeping an eye on things so that nothing goes wrong:smile:
  15. Be sure to let us know how your baby is doing!

    I agree that you should most certainly go to the vet, and that any reputable groomer should at least offer to pay the bill. It's the right thing to do.

    I hope your little one is okay!!!