Accessory you can't leave home without

  1. What accessory can you not leave your house without? Mine is my watch and earrings....

  2. My princess cut diamond stud earrings.
  3. Omega and diamond studs.
  4. Chanel J12 or Cartier Tank + pearl or diamond studs
  5. citizen watch
  6. Marc Jacobs sunshades.
  7. is handbag an accessory??
  8. Rolex watch , and my bracelets on my left arm , I feel naked without these on
  9. Bag, watch earrings, and some sort of neckbling
  10. watch, bracelet, necklace and earrings.
  11. chanel sunnies
  12. My charm-bracelet and earrings!
  13. Sunnies!
  14. Earrings.
  15. umm,,does my cell phone count??
    i take it everywhere.