Accessory Organization in Your H-bag?

  1. How do you ladies and gentlemen organize yourselves? Wallet, agenda, separate case for cards, everything in one place, makeup case? Do you have a specific system of cleaning out your bag every night and removing excess receipts, etc. ?

    I'm trying to figure out a system here without over cluttering my bag and would love some inspiration as I seem to be amassing way too many accessories and would like to streamline.

    My current system:

    Ulysee TPM notebook
    Bearn or Azap vertical wallet
    Karo PM or GM case depending on the bag used
    Picolo pen case
    Small Bearn card case for extra cards

    I need a new agenda; my Globetrotter zip is simply too heavy to lug around with me in a Kelly. Am also thinking of consolidating and getting an Azap long to get rid of the card case.

    I'm entertaining the thought of getting a Vision II Zip Agenda or a GM zip (same dilemma as KB) but have resigned myself to waiting until next year after I finish my current refill, but I am also looking at an Azap long. I'm assuming a Vision II zip and an Azap long would be too heavy together right? What's the right combo? I'm a SAHM so I just need a calendar to mark appts and some space for random notes.

    Azap long--GM zip?
    card case-Vision II zip?
  2. Here's how I organize my Picotin...
    I have a Purseket which takes the place of a makeup bag (I but makeup in one of the pockets). I keep my phone, pen, Goyard card case (for extra club cards/ccs) and receipts in the different pockets of the Purseket. I have my wallet and Ulysee in the center. And my keys are in an LV cles.
    I don't know a lot about the different agendas...but I love them. ;)
    tmpphpnHG507.jpg tmpphpvuX5S4.jpg tmpphpyatQMG.jpg
  3. Love it CB! Very streamlined and functional. Thanks for sharing. I have a Purseket somewhere that I've never tried out. Will have to look for it and give it a try. Gorgeous scarf btw!
  4. orchids, I've tried to use a purseket in my bags, but, so far, the only bag/purseket friendly combo for me is the medium size with my Kelly 35. The rest of the bags just wing it along. I don't really carry that much inside my primary handbag so I don't have to search and search but if I did I'd need more organization, I'm sure.

    The reason I don't carry that much...and additionally a thought for those ladies who go to work and carry their Hermes with them... is that I take my Hermes bag of choice and in addition, I carry a Vera Bradley tote bag with lots of inside pockets. In these pockets go my extra "stuff" deposit slips, office papers, address book, orange juice, banana, my hat ( when it's not on my head:upsidedown:) anything I want to take with me but do not want to put inside my Hermes.

    Also bought a little Vera Bradley pouch that looks very much like the Karo clutch. It holds my make-up and rides inside my Vera Bradley tote "briefcase office bag"

    This is how I'm able to carry my Kelly 25, which, ordinarily would not be anywhere large enough for going to work. It just holds my wallet, keys and cell phone.

    I do this when traveling too. My very personal things I need right now ( keys, wallet, cell phone...or whatever) go inside my handbag. The secondary extras go inside my little secondary bag.
  5. isus, thanks for sharing your method! I think VB is very functional. One of my first diaper bags was a Vera Bradley sling bag and I still think it's the most functional one I had with all the great pockets.

    I like the idea of essentials in one place and am actually looking for a smaller bag for those days when out with DD and need my hands free but don't need anything other than the phone, wallet, and keys. Ah, Kelly 25....:girlsigh:
  6. Orchids, how about a Kelly 25 in togo?? My Kelly 25 is in box....which is also a great idea, but I was just thinking....walking with a sweet DD, wearing Kelly with shoulder cream, diet soft drinks....maybe the togo would be a better leather. This size Kelly is very light....I love it!

    Susi, the enabler:angel:
  7. LOL isus, you have me thinking about both the 35 and the 25 now, both sizes I do not own in a Kelly and think would be great to have. I have a 28 retourne that I can test out for the DD outings now that I think about it, and it's in Buffalo so it's pretty hearty. I think if I were to get a 25 I may have to get one in Sellier--it's too beautiful and maybe I'll just use it for evenings or the quick errands w/o DD.
  8. I have in my Kelly sunglasses with out a case; keys without a case; a Bearn wallet which holds all my cash, cards and coins; Piccolo for my pen, mechanical pencil and small ruler; PM Karo for my mirror, comb, brush, blotting papers, lipstick, chapstick, hand lotion, visine and pill case; GM agenda which holds my calendar, address book and stamps and return address stickers; TPM Ulysee for my notebook; and a small Moleskine accordian file type thing where I put all my receipts. At the end of the week I take the tiny Moleskine file out of my bag and empty it and file the receipts.
  9. ^^what size kelly dianagrace?
    sounds great.
  10. Oops sorry: 32cm retourne
  11. sorry, can't contribute here. my purse is a mess. i need to actually update my H rainbow.
  12. I have a Picotin PM. I keep it organized with ...
    a BV small french wallet for cash, frequently used cards, and ID
    a BV card case for my secondary cards like courtesy cards, gym pass, etc.
    a BV cosmetic bag for the loose stuff I don't want floating around like my pen, lip gloss, ipod, and small container of hand cream
    cell phone
    Palm handheld
  13. I can say from experience that togo goes VERY well with small children (I have two). I've had it for 3 years, and it still looks new - and I've used it all summer long every summer.

    Here's a suggestion I have found VERY helpful: keep a white tshirt at the bottom of your bag, covering the bottom. Anything that spills or leaks will hit the shirt before the bag. Keeps the bottom clean.
  14. I don't think I'm going to be of much help to you either since I don't carry a normal agenda in my bag - I have too much in there as it is and when trying agendas out in the boutique, I felt like it just added so much to the weight of the bag. So I usually just write down whatever notes I need that day on a slip of paper and stick it in the front pocket of my bag. Inside I have:

    *regular size Bearn
    *2 Karo PM's: one for makeup, one for miscellaneous junk
    *Clarrise PM which doubles as a running-into-the-store wallet
    *Clarrise GM for larger flat items
    *tiny zip-around agenda PM (receipt calls it a PM zip diary cover?) to hold extra store cards, etc.
    * piccolo
    * Carmen key ring

    I guess I like everything to be organized and in separate containers. But all that leather isn't light! I don't know how to add an agenda on top of all that...... so I can see where your Globetrotter would be too big.
  15. Kelly 25 in togo is wonderful. Mine is retourne, and I use her quite a lot, messenger style or handheld.
    My daily bags are Kelly 28 retournes. I keep in there: a very thin cell phone in one small pocket, keys in a flat case in the other small pocket, a wallet (Bearn size but a little thicker) containing bills, coins, all my important cards, a couple of blank checks, and credit card receipts (these I empty into my home file every few days), a very thin agenda the size of the Vision II, a pair of sunglasses in a felt pouch (hard case is too big), a small bag of contact lenses stuff, car keys if I plan to drive, and the Hermes rain kit (I used to think it looked silly but I have been saved a couple of times). If I am with my kids, I also carry some of their medicine.
    If I want to stick a small book in my bag in addition to all of this, I use a Kelly 32 retourne.