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  1. Hi all,

    Well a while back I posted that my wardrobe needed some help!
    So I have been slowly updating and adding more feminine pieces to my wardrobe...while still keeping some of my funkier college wear (I'm a grad student). I actually bought 3 skirts this summer!!!

    Anyhow...I'm getting stuck on accessories....I've got the handbags covered (LOL)...but that is it! I bought a couple funky necklaces, and I've been buying bandeaus/twillys/scarves like mad. I also bought a couple pairs of ballet shoes and some wedges..and a couple new Tiffany necklaces.
    But I still don't think I have that edgy, fashionable look!

    Any advice on how to best accessorize?
  2. Have you checked out Urban Outfitters for some funky little bits of jewellery?

    Is there a particular person that inspires you? Look at pics of that person and you'll find it gives you style ideas
  3. Any pics of your recent purchases, please? Thanks.

    Would you wear a cool leather cuff?



    Radcow also makes some great cuffs as well as belts:



    For jewelry, well I absolutely love the jewelry on Etsy and here's a pair of bubbly earrings from jewelera, do you go for accessories like this?


    Or this necklace also by jewelera?


    Wooden bangles - Steve in the UK makes reasonably-priced, good-looking bangles and ships internationally:


    Also unusual - SandFibers' needlewoven bracelet:


    Downtothewiredesigns - distinctive sterling silver jewelry:

  4. I'm loving the Jessica Eliott key necklaces and also Jeanine Payer for unusual pieces
  5. Oh wow....what wonderful pieces!!

    Unfortunately I don't have an Urban Outfitters anywhere nearby :sad: Banana Republic is about as high end as we get! Anything better than that and I have to drive to Chicago!

    Most of my wardrobe that I have been buying is from BR....mostly solid colors (pinks, blues, whites, khaki)...and jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, but I've been trying really hard to dress them up instead of looking like a sloppy college kid!

    Mooks: Thanks for the advice about looking at someone and getting ideas from them! I guess my biggest problem with accessorizing is what goes with what! I mean someone can give me an entire outfit...and I'll always wear it that way! Kind of afraid to try things on my own...and worry that I don't look like an idiot! Does that make any sense?
    Even when I went shopping for my wardrobe...I just told the girl I needed so many outfits and she piled on stuff...I tried it on...and bought it!
  6. It's just a matter of confidence. I'm in a total style rut at the moment and struggling to wear anything other than tee's and my trusty True Religion jeans.

    Every so often I fall into this and then I force myself to rethink things and spend time looking at celebs and what other gals are wearing and start slowly picking pieces up. Unfortunately for me my closest friend hates shopping and my dream shopping pal lives in the US so I do most of my clothes buying when I see her every three months or so. Do you have someone who you could shop with and give you some inspiration?
  7. I remember when I was a kid in the seventies silver fork bracelets were quite popular and I've wanted one ever since but never found any decent quality ones, that spoon one reminded me of them
  8. Doesn't look like they are silver, my nursery school nanny had one that was beautiful and made of solid silver. I think the fork was about 100 years old back then
  9. Just remember something very basic: less is more. I used to be an accessory merchandiser and buyer for a well know fashion chain and I am now quite the minimalist. You should have a few great pieces that work with many or all looks. Here are mine: basic pearl earrings, diamond studs, a good watch in two tone metallic, a David Yurman bracelet, a strand of pearls, and a few pair of Lagos gemstone earrings and an Hermes bracelet...some kind of pendant necklace (I wear simplet Keiselstein-Cord. Yes, some of these items are pricey but you can get them second hand or really good imitations...I would advise classic with a twist kind of pieces that take the daily guesswork out of your wardrobe.
  10. Hi Mooks: Unfortunately I don't have anyone to shop with...everyone I know is just kind of into places like Gap and just do the typical college gear. I am going to browse my trashy celeb mags and see who really jumps out at me in terms of fashion!

    Passerby: Thanks for the pics!!! I was browsing Etsy after you posted them....I really like that site! You can certainly find some very funky one-of-a-kind jewelry! As for cuffs....hmmm I don't know! I've never tried! I kind of have my tried-and-true Tiffany heart tag bracelet that I wear 24/7!

    Thanks Kalodie!! I have a couple of the pieces you mention above (my diamond studs never leave my ears, and I have a nice silver watch that is very simple and goes with everything)....but I do need to look into some other pieces!
  11. Shame you live Stateside or we could shop together...LOL!