Accessory advice--the age old hw question

  1. I am a stickler about matching hardware (have tried not to be but I can't help myself!)
    Well right now I have an H bag with palladium and one with gold. I am plotting some accessories next but am not sure on hw. I will not be switching my wallet (too much of a pain for me) so getting two with different hw is not an option. I am also planning on getting a few more accessories in different colors (love the rainbow thread).
    So my question is, should I get gold or palladium for my wallet? also once I get that, should I match the rest of my accessories in my bag to my wallet hw?
  2. I had the same situation - my bags have gold hardware, and now all my inside accessories have palladium. Originally, I wondered if this would bother me, but it hasn't! My wallet is an azap, so all it has is a zipper, and my other accessories have just zippers, too. If you wanted a bearn wallet, or anything else that has signature hardware and not just a zipper though, I'd match that to the bags. Now that I've started, I've decided it's gold outside, palladium inside, for now anyway! Who knows what new Hermes bug might bite me to change my mind later? Have fun deciding.
  3. Most of my bags has Palladium hardware.. i have couple with gold hardware, however, all my accessories are palladium and its really not an issue..

    I suggest you start with a wallet with your preferred hardware.. either gold or palladium.. and once u have a nice collection you can always get another wallet :smile:
  4. I was very uncomfortable with mixed hardware pre-H... doesn't seem to matter... Most of my bags have GH...all of my accessories have PH... My belt is PH and my bracelets are mixed... Good luck with your decisions!!!
  5. I have mostly gold hardware on my bags but my Box calf Bern has Palladium and it doesn't bother me a bit. I think because the hardware is so small that I don't even notice!!!!
  6. Different hardwares between bags and accessories don't bother me. What will bother me is if they're not all pink and exotic though. Everybody's got his/her quirks and preference.:yes:
  7. You may have a hard time finding small leather goods with gold hardware ( for the Karo, ulysse etc). I have seen gold on the wallets. I would say stick to one kind of hardware for the inside of your bag.
  8. Gold hardware on anything but wallets is nearly impossible. Most of the zoppers are steel as are the snap buttons. I don't think I've ever seen a Dogon without a silver button come to think of it....hmmmm....
  9. If you are considering getting a rainbow of colours for your leather accessories then it might be an idea to focus on individual items and match up the hardware to that particular colour so that each item is bought for looking great in its own right rather than matching up to something else. That way, you might feel better about transferring the items between bags with different hardware. Some colours are cool and others are warm and often, the cooler shades look very well with silver and the warmer colours look good with gold hardwear. I think it would be a more difficult decision if you were sticking to one particular colour. With a rainbow inside your bag, it will look stunning mixed up.
  10. hi rocker,
    this may sound looney,
    but if i put on my gold wedding ring- the teeniest thinnest tiniest band- with my platinum wedding ring, I feel okay with it!
    I keep the charms the same HW on...that is ON the bag, but accessories? I feel just fine doing that! hope this helps!!!
  11. thanks all for helping me with my weird neurosis! :smile: