Accessorizing your Chloes?? Scarves etc...

  1. Hi everyone... I'm trying to spice up my Chamois Edith by adding a little something to it - any ideas?

    Nice pics of your accessorized Chloes would be great!! Thanks :rolleyes:
  2. i love turtles, so there is a small stuffed turtle on my paddy
  3. Cute!! I'm thinking of getting a Pucci scarf to tie onto my Edith... but not sure if I should go for a square one (fold it up and tie) or the oblong shape (which will hang quite a bit longer than the height of the bag)..

    Any ideas?? :rolleyes:
  4. I've put a small scarf on my chocolate Edith...there's a pic of it here somewhere...wait a minute...I'll look for it...:yes:
  5. it is..:heart:

  6. Choloe-Love, that's so cute!!!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I have a little bus keychain on my red paddy :smile:
  9. I bought a pretty scarf for my own large Chamois Edith, but the color is a shade off and it's too long (I think the tiny scarves like Chloe-Loves work best so they don't hide too much of the lovely leather!). Now I wear the scarf as my own accessory but still keep the little charms on the zipper tab - it mixes metals but hey, that's a Chloe trait!

  10. I thought of accessorising the Paddy but thought it was heavy enough. I won't hesitate to do it on my Edith though...

    bluegenie, your Champois Edith is gorgeous!!! I didn't realise how very beautiful that colour is till I saw your picture.
  11. Love those looks!!! :tender:
  12. Blugenie,

    I love the charm on your zipper! Who makes it? I have an obsession with skeleton keys!

    p.s. the chamois color looks so scrumptious!
  13. Thanks eucalyptic and kymmie!

    kymmie - I'll try to find out about the charm. My mom took it off a bag she bought last year and gave it to me. Hopefully it's common since she's not a big spender!
  14. Tie a bow, makes the scarf shorter ;) The color chamois is really amazing :love:
  15. ^^LOL, I did, Chloe-Love, and the scarf is still so big and poofy it looked like a big wad of toilet paper! :lol: So I tied it long so it wouldn't look as bulky but it's still not right... I need to shop for a smaller scarf and then I like bows best, like yours!