accessorizing your birkin

  1. I'm wondering how you ladies accessorize your babies other than w/ scarfs. I was at Harrods earlier today and I saw a young lady hang a cute little hermes-orange teddybear on her vert anis. Is it just me who thinks it's cute? Or is it totally tacky?
  2. crazyshopper, I've seen pics of neat things on the bags....and why not a little teddybear?? Sounds sweet to me.

    I've also seen the little leather Vespa hanging from a Birkin.....and here's another thought....Hermes makes some neat silver link keychains that you can hang from a Birkin or, rather, drape across the front of it.

    I'll look for a pic for you....
  3. I like a very 'minimal ' look when it comes to myself....but enjoy looking at others, well dressed, bags.
  4. OK, I found it.....look on this forum for the thread called : Lisa's Hawaiian Hermes Haul and go to page two. Lisa has some pics posted there and you'll see the keychain on the left of the first pictures. She's holding the box in her hand.
  5. Me too, Rose. I wouldn't even have a charm and a lock hanging on the same bag -- one or the other for me.
  6. I only wear small cadenas on my bags (I don't usually wear clochette/lock though so it doesn't look crowded). I do love the look of scarfs, key chains, etc. on people's bags but don't think the look suits me.

    Here are a few pics of H bags with accessories on them:
    oo.JPG 12es18p8.jpg Kathy-10.jpg Rachel Roy.jpg
  7. I personally won't accessorise my bags with a teddy bear. It's a personal choice not to. But I will accessorise with a H twilly or THE 3H charm or a H cadena. On days that I wear a scarf and the temperature turns up, instead of stuffing it into my bag, I will park it on the birkin strap and it looks like it could belong there.
  8. Ah thanks for the pictures H addict! I think I'd stick to twilly and keep the little teddy for something else :p
  9. Well, I don't know about the rest of you guys but I think this is a good look.....
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: This picture just made my MORNING!! Like she just woke up with BEDHEAD:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Cadenas are my favorite, and I always have one on a bag (mostly because I'm too lazy to take it off once it's on a bag). I used to like bag charms and twillys, but not so much anymore b/c then I have to think harder and it sometimes interferes with the overall look, so the most I'll add is a pochette around a handle. The only exception is the Vert Anis which always has its 4-leaf clover on it--a bit more subtle since the charm is also Vert Anis. I think I'm past the age where a teddy bear on my bag would be considered cute on me--more like "eccentric" on me, although it adds a nice bit of whimsy on the gals who can pull it off or if it were functional (i.e. you have a toddler).
  12. shopmom -- What a wonderful idea ! Did I do ok...or need more?:p

  13. LOVE IT Gmel!:yahoo:

    Seriously.....didn't sleep all night b/c of the annoying Pool Pump in the backyard! and you and Shopmom, just gave me a GOOD LAUGH and STRESS RELIEVER!
  14. LOL! Shopmom & Gmel--you guys crack me up!
  15. GMEL Way to go, Girl!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!