Accessorizing the sweater dress?

  1. I bought the cap sleeve, crew neck sweater dress from gap in black. Sorry, no picture b/c it is no longer available online. I'd like to wear it this week, but not sure on how to accessorize it. I don't feel like it's time to bring out the tights yet. One suggested idea online is to wear a white button down shirt under it w/a thick black belt. (However, when I tried this look at home, you could kind of see the white shirt under the body of the black dress if that makes senses) Again, I don't feel like it's cool enough to wear that look yet either. Any ideas? Should I wear a scarf - how should I tie it and what kind should I wear? Or should I wear it with a belt or long necklace?
  2. The belt and the necklace sounds good to me. Some peep toe pumps would be cute to finish the look.
  3. Awww, I wanted that dress! I looked for it online today and couldn't find it.

    I love to wear red peep-toe pumps with my plain black dresses. And I like the idea of the long necklace. Then all you need is a great bag, and you're good to go!
  4. I like the idea of wearing a scarf with it. I would just drape it loosely around the neck and let the ends kind of hang.

    I think it would look cute with bare legs, the scarf and ballet flats. I also like your idea of putting tights with it when it gets colder. Maybe tights/boots/scarf?