Accessorizing H bag with a non-H item?

  1. I understand from ocmommy's thread regarding tying a twilly on a non-H bag that members who replied had no problem with a twilly tied on a non-H bag.

    I'm wondering however if H-bags owners would consider accessorizing their bags especially the highly coveted kelly or birkin with a non-H item, say using a LV bandeau instead of a Hermes scarf/twilly?

    Am I committing a Hermes faux pas by asking this?
  2. mrsbaglady, welcome to the orange side. Are you in Singapore?

    I have never accessorized my H bags with non-H charms etc so I can't tell how it feels like. I have a friend who did that a couple of times, and that drew attention from her SA, who encouraged her not to use non-H stuff.
  3. Whoa! The Hermes Police! I think this is all absurd! You should wear whatever you want with whatever you want. You paid for it, it's yours! Since when is there oversight about wearing whatever with whatever?
  4. ^^ I agree gracekelly! I think we should do anything that we want. I don't think I will appreciate it if a SA is telling me not to put non H items on my H bags.

    I have put some silly, cheap charms with my birkins and I love it. I don't care if others hate it. Right now, I'm about to put my Juicy charms on one of my birkins.
  5. I have attached a gorgeous Prada butterfly keychain from a few seasons ago to my evelyne. The bag is blue jean and the keyholder is multiple shades of blue shaped like a butterfly. As biased as I am, I think they look great together. Also evelyne is a casual bag, so combines a lot more easily with fun accessories from other brands.

    Now Birkin and Kelly are a different story though. I just can't bring myself to accessorising them with other brands on the outside. Having said that, I am totally against imposing a uniform style on others. There is no right or wrong, we all have different styles and tastes. Whatever handbag/accessory combo makes you happy when you look at it, that's the way to go.

  6. ^^^ITA. Whatever makes one happy.
    I love using the Hermes pocket squares on my LV bags and they go well together imo:flowers:
  7. Sarah, the Juicy charms are very cute! I bought the bracelet and a charm for my niece's birthday and she loves it. Frankly, I may buy it for me too! I think the quality was very nice for the price point.

    I agree, I would be pretty tweaked if someone started lecturing me about how to decorate my bag, particularly if it is unsolicited!
  8. In an exercise class yesterday, a woman was carrying a French Co. Speedy w/ the heart cadena attached to it and it looked amazing -- I could not stop admiring it. I think that Hermes should be used whenever possible and in all circumstances -- (I use the orange shopping bags for my dry cleaning)
  9. LOL@the Hermes police, no kidding! I would have had a hard time biting my tongue if my SA were to be so presumptuous as to tell me what I could do with my own stuff.

    I have never accessorized my bags all that much in the first place, so I really don't have any experience with non-H scarves, etc., tied on a bag, but I have occasionally done it the other way and used Twillys on non-H bags. I don't see ANYTHING wrong with mixing it up. No one lives and breathes Hermes-only 24 hours a day. Unless they're married to or rather divorced from someone who runs the company ;) It's not practical to even think like that, and honestly, isn't fashion supposed to be FUN??
  10. I haven't done it (yet) but that's only because I really don't accessorize my bags very much. Even my cadenas and leather charms hardly see the light of day. I am more of a "less is more" person but if I found a charm or accessory that I really loved and wanted to use, I would without hesitation!

    BTW, that SA seems very strange to me. As I recall, there was a lovely photo of Kate Moss with her Birkin adorned with amazing non-H charms and it really looked wonderful on her.
  11. I don't mind to accessorize my birkin or kelly with non H items. I got the croc phone case from other brand and I like to put it on the handle of my bag sometime. This is the picture of the HAC that I use today. :smile:

  12. :smile: I found one picture.

  13. LOL! I know what you mean, gracekelly. Perhaps the SA felt that nothing befits a H bag except H charms! :lol:
  14. I like to put non H items on my bags and I think they look fine. As long as we are happy :yes:

  15. Thank you all for sharing your thought and pictures!:smile: I have been using my twilly and scarf on my non-H bags. I also think that we should be able to enjoy our H bags and accessorize them the way we like so long they look pretty and presentable. However, after lurking in some of the threads, it didn't seem like many members were using non-H items on their H bags. But then again it may be because I'm so new to the forum to think that way.

    Gracekelly. Sarahcantiik, chanelvgirl, CythiaNYC- love what you have said! :woot:

    MrsS-Thank you! Not sure about being on the orange side though as I love handbags too much to give up those that didn't come in an orange box.:lol: Yup, in Singgers.