accessorizing garden tote

  1. Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to all of this, so bear with me... my mother has an orange garden tote, which she loves, and I thought it'd be a good idea to buy her a scarf for her upcoming birthday, which she could use to accessorize her bag.

    First, is it a bad idea to get a scarf for a relatively casual bag (since it's canvas), and second, what color should I get? Is orange too matchy? I'm not sure what would look good..

    Anybody have scarves for their garden totes? I was browsing (their website is adorable!!) and the scarves are all so exquisite.. :drool:

    thanks for your help!
  2. i think a twilly would be nice too. or a pointu. i don't think a scarf would be too much esp because she can use it other ways as well. in terms of color i think brown and white would work well too or a multicolor scarf that has orange in it.
  3. thanks for your advice! i really appreciate it! :yahoo:
  4. I think any bag would pretty much look awesome with a scarf or twilly on it, canvas or otherwise! Even covering the handles with the scarf like I have seen some girls do it looks awesome. You could be dressed down in jeans and a white shirt and that bag would complete the look and make you look incredible. I bet your Mom loves it.

    My Moms bday is April 1st and I just cant seem to get her off Coach and D & B bags...lucky you!
  5. My mother is the Queen of Coach - I feel ya Donna.

    But as far as a present, look for a cotton scarf or maybe pointu. It would be a good match up, and be fab if she mixed it up and put it in her hair or around her neck - to match the bag!

    Very considerate present, and daughter. Good luck finding the perfect present!
  6. Good luck in finding a present for your mom.. Anything Hermes makes a great gift....
  7. I've seen countless pictures of Gp totes with Twillys! It's a perfect match. If she has the orange GP, go for any one of the Tohu Bohu or Jardin Sur le NIl Twillys (especially the white w/green)!
  8. The leather keychains look really cute on GPs too!