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  1. How do you working girls add a personal touch to your outfit? I work in a conservative environment and so far, I have only venture as far as wearing simple diamond or pearl earrings/ necklaces and pendants. I am getting really bored of them and would love to get some ideas. I love those long gold chains with huge pendants but am worried they are a bit too bling bling but am trying to look for something in matt gold. Does anyone think the silver Tiffany pendants look a bit too teenager-ish for work? Thanks!
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    I think the silver Return to Tiffany necklaces look too casual/young for work. I'm not sure what pendants you're talking about, though.

    To dress up at work, I usually wear gold and jewel-tone accessories. I like larger accessories, but smaller jewelry looks more substantial in gold-tone, in my opinion.

    I think it should be fine. If you're dressed in a button down and slacks, I think the
    right statement piece could help pull together a unique look. On a silver-tone day, I like to wear a big stainless steel watch, and a large pendant on a sterling slide necklace.

    I love wearing unique pieces, because they're conversation-starters. :tup:

    I usually pair something classic and elegant with something funky and interesting. Hmm, for some reason, I can't post the actual images of some of the unique pieces I have. See attached.

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  3. I wear scarves--they add color and once you learn to tie them different ways, you can get lots of different looks.
  4. I sometimes wear a Tiffany necklace, but I think they look teenish depending on what else you're wearing. But I also sometimes wear pearls or even just a diamond solitaire pendant.
  5. I wear a ring and either a necklace or earrings (small, classic). I don't use work as the place to parade my jewelry, haha. Less is more.
  6. I wear the same jewelry to work that I would wear any place else. I always wear my wedding rings and watch, and then a right hand ring and either a necklace or earrings (I usually don't wear both, especially if one is a statement piece).
  7. I'm in field sales, and I work in very rural and poor areas. Usually I just wear dress pants and a cardigan/button down blouse combo, and all I ever have on are my wedding rings, a watch, my pandora or coach bracelet and little earrings. I don't want to be too flashy.... at all... sometimes I turn my rings upside down while I'm waiting....
  8. I always wear my watch (Cartier Roadster) and either my wedding set (two eternity bands and a three stone princess ring) or my "alternative" wedding set (three tiffany-set stacked diamond solitaires), plus either earrings OR a necklace.
  9. i think it depends on the whole look i will wear my tiff heart tag necklace w diamond studs and a blazer, but not on a jeans and sweater day to work. i like to mix things up and wear pieces that arent necessarily expected- ie a turqoise cuff w my brocade jacket. i think the trick for office wear is just keep one focal piece- ie a big necklace means small studs for earings etc.
  10. One time, I wore this big rhinestone "statement" choker to work. I was feeling fancy that day and it was around the holidays I think. I think maybe I was feelin a bit down and I needed something to cheer me up well anyway, one of the bosses asked me if I was going to the Opera or something it was hilarious ! I say if you are in a creative environment or luxury retail you can get away with a lot more. Also maybe in finance you can get away with more too but it depends on where you work. HTH
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