Accessorizing Epi Madeleine GM in Noir?

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  1. Hi guys :smile:

    I just got the Epi Madeleine GM and I am having a hard time pairing it with just a tee and jeans since it looks sooo formal for me. Is it just me or is it really formal?

    Anyways, I was thinking of putting some accessories on it, like a bandeau or charms, what would you guys recommend? Pics would be sooo helpful! TIA!
  2. I love the silver glitter ball to put on a black epi bag! :love:

    I don't own it but there's always a pont-neuf (:confused1:I think) displayed in my shop with that gorgeous key chain...
  3. How about the white multicolor bandeau to spice it up a bit ...
  4. I like the MC Fleurs Keychain and the Grelots Keychain or necklace. :tup:
  5. Yes, an accessory should play it down some....I like the silver glitter ball.