Accessorizing a Damier Speedy 30

  1. While I haven't bought it yet, I'm leaning (WAY over...;) ) in favor of purchasing a Speedy 30 in the Damier. Something about it... I don't know.:heart: It just keeps talking to me. (And now elux has FREE SHIPPING for the week!)

    So, now my question is, given the accessories that I currently have, if you were me, would you buy something else in Damier to go with it? Or how would you accessorize it? I have a big zip-around wallet in mono, and the wapity and pochette MM in black MC. Is it too many different LV's?
  2. I'm already thinking about a new wallet or cles for my new Damier bag! I was set on Damier to match, but the "Groom" accessories are very cute. For me, one of the reasons I liked the Damier is because it didn't scream the logo, and since I tend to take my wallet out too much, I didn't want to give anyone encouragment that I had cash to give up by flashing logos.
    That said, I think I'll stick with a nice coordinating Damier accessory.
  3. I love the look of pomme access. with damier!
  4. Bandeau-LVoe for elegant, Etoile pink for flirty feel, Azur cles to pop the contrast, Inclusion Speedy key ring, Tinkerbell Round Coin Purse.
    I recommend Brazza if you are looking for a long wallet, or Azur Koala/French/PTI if ur looking for a more compact style.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions... I'm wondering what elux has in stock, so that if I buy the Damier Speedy this week (free shipping!) I can include it.

    But, think of this. I have a big Mono LV zip-around wallet and I don't want to change that. (Too much of a pain to move all the cards, etc.) So that would already be one Mono inside of a Damier. Is it okay to still use my same Black MC Wapity and Pochette MM, or is that just too many different LV patterns? And what if I choose a pomme or something in Azur to coordinate with the Damier... will look too much like a circus?
  6. I say go for it! Most people won't see what's inside your bag anyways so as long as you are happy and ok with having all the LVs inside (who wouldn't) that's what counts!
  7. Right now I have my Pomme Coeur on mine.
    I'd get some kind of keychain or Cles to decorate it...and also, I think having a mix of lines in your bag is nice! For example, today, I had my Cerises Round, Red/Creme CB cles and Damier 4 key holder in my Cerises Pochette.
  8. I use my mono zippy all the time. I find it a pain to remove everything out of my old wallet too. I've used the same wallet on all my bags including my damier 30.

    Like Rebecca said, it's nice to have a mix of lines in your LV. There's not set rules!
  9. I love my mono zippy wallet and use it in my damier all the time so no worries there, IMO!
  10. Maybe a Pomme Cles???
  11. Pomme and Framboise look amazing with damier! Get a cles in either color and use as a bag charm.
  12. Here is what I did; I get compliments all the time on it.
  13. ^ that's so cute. :smile:
  14. I am sure that you have been told the bow tie idea, defo buy it. I got one last week to use as an everyday bag, its brilliant!
  15. i think a pomme cles would look gorgeous as a bag charm. Red looks really beautiful on damier. I think the red groom bandeau would look gorgeous on a damier speedy :heart:
    i dont think you need to worry too much about matching your accessories (wallet, etc) with the bag, no one will see what is in your bag, and i think people would more likely notice the 'beautiful LV wallet' than 'clashing patterns'