Accessorizing a black outfit

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  1. Hi all!

    I just got a cute black blouse at Lane Bryant - nothing fancy, just a gathered front at the bustline (low scoop neckline) with some small clear jewels. I have a pair of black silk pants to wear with it, and I'd like to wear these shoes that I got for my b-day with it.

    Accessory recommendations needed! I prefer silver jewelry over gold, and I'm interested in adding a bit of color somehow... I don't want to wear so much black that I look like I'm going to a funeral! Given those shoes, should I go for a "mod" or "retro" look? (I do have other black shoes I can wear with the outfit, but I really love my kitty shoes!)
  2. Oooh, forgot to mention - shirt has 3/4 length sleeves.
  3. Seriously guys, I don't want to look like a dork wearing the wrong thing with those shoes! Help?
  4. Don't want you to think we're ignoring you. I can't help. Those shoes are really not my thing and I don't know what I'd wear with them.
  5. i don't mean to be rude but is this a joke or did you really buy those shoes?
  6. Those shoes sorta remind me of a pair of Doc Martens I had in high school. I wore those things into the ground... to this day, still the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever owned :lol:

    Anyway..... I wouldn't worry about looking like you're going to a funeral. The shoes have white in them. Many people wear all black and pull it off well. If you want to add color I'd add bright pink. But I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure you'll look fine :biggrin:
  7. Way to make me feel self-conscious JJ... yes, I did buy those shoes. I am a bit younger than people might suspect, and I look even younger than that, and sometimes I like to have fun with it.

    Thank you Cristina, fellow 80s child, I love your She-Ra avatar! :smile:
  8. all black is in, so rock your black if you like it.

    i'd say go for a bright purse, though. red, maybe?
  9. No problem ;) and thanks!
  10. I always like red to give a black or black and white outfit a bit more "punch". Any bright color, actually. I have a bright red DB leather tassell bag that I carry with my only black suit.

    Love the shoes. I would've worn those when I was younger and could get away with it. ;)

  11. i'm sorry kat, i don't know why but for some reason i thought you were in you 30ies and had kids. i guess i mixed something up :wacko:

    i wear black all the time and i usually wear a black purse with it. don't know if you like wearing all black but usually you can't go wrong with that.
  12. Okay, an all black outfiit with silver jewelry calls for one of the new metallic silver strappy shoes (in my opinion) or black strappy shoes and a silver purse (such as Juicy's dirty silver superstar hobo) - If you need color you can always throw on a scarf - I have an all black outfit I wear a fantastic silver and crystal hip belt with it, silver jewelry (not too much) and black strappy shoes. Wear a nice bright lipstick - oh well, enough from me.
  13. lol all is forgiven JJ, no biggie. :smile: I babysit a lot, those are my "kids." ;)

    Thanks for the ideas everyone!
  14. Sounds like you outfit is dressy and your shoes are super casual.
    I'm afraid of what that combo would like ........ .. try it on and see.

    Those shoes that you showed seem more the type to rock with some jeans and a t-shirt not a blouse and black silk pants.

    I dunno. Just my opinion.
  15. Actually the shirt isn't that dressy. I dunno, I'll call my friend Carrie and get her opinion... she's good at these things. Just haven't seen her - she's been super-busy!