accessorize my wedding outfit!!!

  1. i started a thread AGES ago and yuo lovely ladies helped me choose a dress for my boyfriend's sister's wedding, but unfortunately his wonderful (no seriously she's wonderful ;)) didn't love my dress choice (it was black an white and knee length) and so was sweet enough to buy this gorgeous dress for me


    so now that she's spent all this money to ensure that i look good at her daughter's wedding, i feel obligated to lose weight and actually make an attempt to look great :sad: but i'm still a broke student which means i need affordable shoes and a wrap/shawl/something to go with this dress (i hate baring my arms)....i'd love any help!!!

    budget-wise, i'm looking to spend maybe $100 (or less if possible) on the shawl, and $200 or less on the shoes....

    also....any suggestion as to jewelry?!? luckily i have lots of jewelry lying around so hopefully i won't have to purchase that :smile:.....i was thinking maybe oversize blue topaz and diamond or aquamarine and diamond earrings (which i don't own but would love to buy! :yahoo:)
  2. these are the two earrings i'm looking at.......


    [the first is aquamarine, the second is blue topaz]

    i'd want to be able ot wear them again, of course :yes: and please keep in mind i'm 22 so i'm not sure how age appropriate they are....although i feel like my mother might steal them from me :graucho:
  3. nobody has any suggestions :sad:........

    but in case anyone does, i wanted to add that i need heels that are at leat 4" high :push: somebody help me pwease :crybaby:
  4. Hiya jc, my first choice for you would be the aquamarines. I think they are just timeless not matter how old you are. Just beautiful and they are light enough that they would work with anything in years to come kwim?!
  5. I agree with Chag. Those aquamarine earrings are just gorgeous and I think that they will be lovely with your dress.
  6. Ok...from Zappos!


    and congrats for the's beautiful:heart:
  7. No, No, No to the poncho idea! A beautiful black wrap or pashmina should do the trick. The dress is great but even though it is a simple silhouette there is a lot of pleating. So, as always, less is more here. How about some beautiful chandelier earrings, no necklace and strappy black heels? Metallic heels can also work it you have right evening bag.