accessorize 28 kelly with full size scarf?

  1. i came across a scarf design that i really like but it's in the full size (35 x 35). i've only accessorize my 28 kelly bag & gp bag with pochettes and twillys.

    do you think the full size scarf will be too big for the bag? otherwise, i'm thinking of getting pointu instead.....

    and nope, i don't usually wear scarfs on my neck, strictly for my bags only....:p

    i think i bought my gp cos i love twillys so much....:yes:
  2. I think it is too big for a Kelly of any size, there's a lot of material in the big carres. Would you consider wearing it as a belt? Or if it's a design you have really fallen in love with, perhaps get it framed for your wall. Having said that, you CAN fold the big scarves along the straight edge (not diagonally along the bias) and this would shorten it a bit, but I still think it is too big really and the impact of the design and colours woudl be lost. If you were to drape it around your kelly to show the pattern, I think there would be too much hanging down and I'd be worried abut it getting grubby or snagged on things. There are so many ways to wear a scarf around your neck to produce many different looks, some traditional, some very modern and contemporary, don't give up on the idea of wearing one around your neck - ask your SA to show you the different ways to wear one; you might find a way that you love.
  3. I would go with a pointu....
  4. Goofy, does it work for you as a belt with jeans? That would be gorgeous! Or just go for the Pointu.
  5. I use a full size carre on my 28cm Kellys. It looks great when it's a windy day and the scarf is flapping around the bag. It's a look made popular by Babe Paley back in the 60's. She would wear the carre around her neck and take it off when it got warmer and tie it around her bag. And when it gets cold again, you put the carre on.
  6. It all depends on how you fold it and how tightly you fold it. You can absolutely put a full size scarf on a 28 Kelly.

    I'm with HG...I Like it to fall a bit below the bag.

    I do the Babe Palsey thing myself ...:yes:
  7. ^^^^ Do you worry about setting it down?
  8. ^^^I have to show you how to "work it" next time.
  9. Thank you:heart:
  10. Nah..I watch where it falls..and tie a big bow flipping the ends over the top...hard to explain if they are in dangerous territory...

    Ive had bad things happen to scarves when I wear them but not when my bags do

    and jeesh i did type Babe Palsey...Paley...Babe Paley...
  11. Quinn's mom, do you think you can post a picture?

    i see your bj kelly with a pilsse scarf...beautiful but i'd worry about dirtying the ends of the scarf
  12. i second taht!!
    it will end up hitting the floor and is annoying.