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  1. OK, some are missing from the shots - my tattersall ponytail scarf is still on the pond tote, as is a blue star charm, my flower cell lanyard is on my cell phone charging downstairs, my watch and little heart earrings on me. I used to have more skinnys but gave away most of them. I think I need to add a few more wallets - the wristlets are taking over!!! Thanks for looking!
    accessories 001.jpg accessories 002.jpg accessories 003.jpg accessories 005.jpg accessories 004.jpg
  2. All nice! You NEED a bleecker capacity wristlet in there. That's the best wristlet IMO. It's fun to see all those scarves in a row.
  3. WOW! Fantastic collection.
  4. Yea, you are right - I dont have any capacity wristlets!!! I use my wristlets mostly as makeup bags in my purses, so they may be too large. But hey, Im open to looking...!!!
  5. great keyfob and charm collection. you have great taste.
  6. I love all your accessories...especially the white leather polka-dot wristlet!!
  7. hehe I'm being an enabler! I have to admit I haven't used my bleecker capacity wristlet as of yet but I will! I am looking for a wristlet that won't leak so I can throw makeup, pens and the like in it. None of them are lined in plastic/vinyl that I know of so I'll probably buy something non-coach. It's fun to look for new things!
  8. I LOVE all your scarves and charms!!
  9. All your stuff is great! I really love your french purses, that blue one is tdf!
  10. Love your entire collection, thanks for sharing... Enjoy
  11. that is quite an amazing collection of accessories, thanks for sharing it w/us.
  12. Very nice!! Again, we share a lot of the same pieces!! :tup: The other posters are right..the capacity wristlets are SO nice!! I love the Bleecker one, but also the turnlock capcity even more!!
  13. :drool: all I can say is WOW :nuts: :drool:
  14. Amazing stuff! how do you keep track of it all??
  15. Thanks alot Baglady and Oops...Im going on to check out these capacity wristlets that you speak of...!