1. I m thinking of hooking a LV small leather accessory to go with my white Epi speedy...which one would y'all recommend? MC coin key & change holder or Damier Azur key & change holder?? or any others??
  2. anything MC in white. i think that would look amazing with white epi.
  3. How about white MC pochette MM? It's almost like a cles but a bit bigger and it looks fabulous against white epi.
  4. MC fleurs keychain looks amazing! :tup:
  5. The white MC cles would look awesome!
  6. I'd go with a Red Epi cles. The contrast against the ivoire would look really nice.
  7. How about a heart coin purse ... aren't they supposed to be coming out in gold and silver? What colour hardware does the Speedy have? - I'd go with that.
  8. I vote for the lvoe charm or the miroir glitter ball in silver as the speedy has silver hardware:tup:
  9. the pink vernis heart coin purse :p
  10. framboise vernis cles gets my vote.
  11. I would choose Fleurs Keychain or Heart coin purse!
  12. Totally agree or the perle pastilles keychain/charm.

  13. I agree....or anything Pomme...
  14. How about a Pomme d'amour vernis cles? That will go with almost any LV and would look stunning on your epi bag!
  15. I say a Cles in black or white MC, or vernis in framboise, pomme or amarante, or maybe a groom cles would look great too. Cles are such a great accessory because they are so useful. I have a groom and a framboise vernis, I don't think I could be without one now.