1. Which accessories do you use with your Lv bags?

    I think that the red epi /vernis looks good with the damier line

    what about you?
  2. I use the same accessories for every bag... if they all fit.

    Black Epi Agenda
    Black Epi Card case
    Damier Porte Valeurs

    They all fit in the Perle Reade, Tango, & the Thompson Street but when I'm using my Red Epi Pochette, just the agenda & card case fit.
  3. I'm interested in buying the pink vernis key and change holder to go with my monogram speedy, but not sure how it will look. I think it will look ok :shrug: Can't wait to go into the store and see how it looks :smile:

    edit: Also interested in seeing the Wapity Case. I don't think I really need it, but it's soooo cute! Just trying to convince myself that I need it for something haha
  4. I use the same ones with all my bags: black MC cles and my mono pochette wallet.:biggrin:
  5. I use the same accessories with all my LV - Mono Key & Change Holder, Pochette Extender, Ferragamo wallet, Coach cosmetic case. I have a Mono French Purse but it is too small so I never use it. I also have a Mono Poche Toilette 19 but I never use it.
  6. I think the manderin epi key cles would be nice with the mono speedy, even the red vernis cles.

  7. Well...I have all mono bags, and 1 MC white speedy, and my cerise speedy.

    I have all mono accessoires that I use. I have pochette accessoires in wh. MC, and mono.

    I plan on getting the damier speedy, but I'm gonna get a damier pochette accessoires to go with it. Wanna have at least 1 damier accessoire to match my bag. Heehee! ;) Everything else as far as wallet, etc. doesn't matter much to me. As long as 1 thing matches.

    Right now I'm using my BH with my mono ludlow wallet, mono pochette access., and sm. wh. MC agenda.

    So, when I get my damier speedy those things will go inside, but instead of the mono poch. access.....poch. access. in damier.:graucho:
  8. A few that use the same accessories.
    I do the same at the moment.

    Mono pti, and black mc agenda
  9. I find it a pita to always change small things. Maybe for the season winter/fall having one set of accessories and one set for spring summer I think i could work with.
  10. I have a mono BH, and in it I have a mono Porte-Tresor International, red Vernis cles, and now, as of today, a Perforated Pochette Plate. I also have a mono Wapity.
  11. I use the same accessories with my bags, too.

    vernis small ring agenda in framboise
    monogram ludlow
    orange perforated cles
    small cerises pochette (the one that came with the bucket) for makeup, lip balm and pen
  12. Perforated Pochette Plate is this to be used as a makeup case ?

  13. vernis small ring agenda in framboise That color is beautiful, i'm jealous of it.

  14. I also use the same accessories in all bags:

    mono zip wallet
    mono sm. cosmetic case
    mono sm. agenda
    mono 4-key case

    hopefully, next summer I'll get a white MC wallet to go with my MC trouville!
  15. Sounds great!!!