Accessories you use for different purposes -- ?


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Mar 9, 2008
A week or so ago I posted a thread asking people what they use mini skinnies for and we saw so many different responses. It was neat and gave me new ideas on organizing all the stuff in my bag.

About a week ago, I purchased a Coach leather eyeglass case on ebay (it's lilac and soooooooo pretty!) not with the intention of using it as an eyeglass case, but as a case to put in all my contact stuff (travel size solution, re-wetting drops, and contact case).

I like it waaaaaaaaay more than the Coach contact cases which are roomy enough for just the case and you would have to carry the solution and drops seperately. Using the eyeglass case is roomy enough to carry all three!

So what are some other Coach accessories that you use for different purposes other than the obvious one it was intended for?


Jul 24, 2007
I use my legacy wristlets as a fanny pack/waistbag.


I thread the strap through one belt loop, tuck the strap underneath the wristlet flap, clip the end of the strap loop onto a second belt loop and voila! A waistbag!


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Feb 18, 2007
going with the computer accessories thing -- i get cell phone lanyards to put on my usb drives, on the zipper of my laptop sleeve and um just about anywhere else lol -- i just bought one yesterday to add to my nitendo ds! lol!