Accessories Pouch??

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  1. I have all monogram items, purses, agenda, wapity, etc. I am now interested in getting a piece of Damier. I am thinking about getting the accessories pouch/pochette, not really sure what it's called. I am torn between the regular damier or the azur. I love them both and think the azur would be perfect for spring/summer but wonder if it could be used in winter also. What do you all think? Should I go for the azur or go for the regular damier(?ebene?)?
  2. definitly AZUR! :] I love my speedy 30 and mini pochette
  3. i have the damier mini pochette and the azur regular pochette.
    i think yu should go for the azur mini :smile:
  4. azur!
  5. Go for a light color so my vote is for Azur.
  6. Azur!!!!
  7. Azur :biggrin: I have the mini accessories one & I love it.
  8. Azur, definitely! It's cute!
  9. Well I guess Azur it is! I was thinking about the regular pochette but people here are suggesting the mini. Is there are reason to go with the mini instead of the regular size. I was just thinking the regular pochette could be used as a small purse if I wanted. Do you think it is too big to put inside another bag? If so I might go with the mini.
  10. Get the regular pochette, I love and have both of them (azur and ebene) Here's some pics to help you decide!
    PICT1374 (Medium).JPG PICT1375 (Medium).JPG PICT1265 (Medium).JPG PICT1984 (Large).JPG PICT1995 (Large).JPG
  11. damier- ebone
  12. Azur mini, it's too cute to miss! ;)
  13. Where did you get the long strap for the pochette accessoires and what is it called? I need one!!!!!!!!:yes:
  14. I had the Damier Accessories Pouch. It was a great little bag. I sold it when I sold my Damier Babylone. (BIG MISTAKE!)
  15. Get the Azur Pochette! I have it and use it as my going out/clubbing bag, I dont use it inside my other bags. Its awesome, definitely fits all the essentials you need for a night out + a little more! I think I want another one!:p I use it in winter, its a great contrast when im wearing darker clothes!