Accessories pochette or Mini pochette for inside speedy?

  1. I'm trying to decide between the two! I will keep it inside me speedy and use it as my wallet/lip gloss/whatever holder. Also for just running somwhere quickly. Help?
  2. mini!
  3. mini! =)

    (as long as all our stuff will fit inside it)
  4. ^ yep, go with the mini! :yes:
  5. Definately mini
  6. I use the mini inside my speedy 25
  7. I have the regular and it's a bit big to use as just a makeup bag (unless you cart around a bunch of makeup). :smile: But I still love it because I can throw my cell phone in there, along with some other stuff and grab it out of my bag without taking the whole Speedy. I don't think you can go wrong with either though. :smile:
  8. mini :smile:

    although, if you need to hold alotta stuff or if you have a speedy 30 the pochette is good too :smile:
  9. go for the mini!