Accessories Pochette and scarf or vernis cosmetic pochette?


Azur Pochette or Amarante Cosmetic Bag??

  1. Azur Pochette

  2. Amarante Cosmetic Bag

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  1. For my March purchases I was thinking of getting an Hermes twilly and a Damier Azur accessories pochette. But now I'm thinking I need a piece of amarante and eyeing the cosmetic pochette. DH won't let me get all, so that's out of the question. So what do you think is more useful? The canvas pochette and twilly? Or the cosmetic pouch (which can be used as a hot nighttime clutch as well)? My stats are that I don't have anything amarante and by March will have an Azur Speedy.
  2. Amarante cosmetic this color!
  3. Go with the amarante cosmetics case. It will compliment your azur speedy nicely and you'll have a really adorable clutch!
  4. I believe the Vernis cosmetique are LE ... so I'd get that first. You could always get the Azur pochette later.
  5. Wow, LE, then I really need to get it! Thanks for the input.
  6. Id rather get the pochette in Azur (which I have and love!) and the twilly, than the cosmetic case! Good luck!
  7. I'd definitely get the Vernis Cosmetic Case. :tup:
  8. Yes, get the Amarante Cosmetic case. It is LE. According to the SA in 866 Vuitton, they only made 40 Vernis Cosmetic cases in Southern CA. I got one in Pomme & I love it!!! :love::heart:
  9. Go for the Vernis case! How often does Vernis come out with a cosmetic case? Hardly ever!
  10. Definitely the new and limited edition vernis cosmetic pouches! :yes:
  11. same!
  12. I have the Amarante cosmetic case & I love it!! But I also have the Azur pochette & I love that as well :biggrin:. I would suggest to get the cosmetic case as it's LE the Azur will be there for you later.
  13. Get the LE. It'll make your collection stand out having a LE. You can always get the Azur later.
  14. Azur pochette.
  15. I was going for the pochette until i read you are getting the azur speedy. A pochette is much more practical than a make-up case but If you're allready going to get azur I would get the amarante...