Accessories Overload!!!

  1. Knowing me, I wouldn't just go to LV to try on sunnies, lol :smile: Guess what I got! *tease*
    RIMG0261.JPG RIMG0262.JPG
  2. Show Us :d
  3. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  4. Oh not this game again... :p Come on, show us then~! :graucho:
  5. show us NOW or.... :ban:

  6. Was still taking pics :p
    Had to put up the sunnies thread first, lol! Few more mins to resize...
  7. eek! show us! :nuts:
  8. Here goes! :biggrin:
    Carre Monogram Trunks

    Bandeau Sweet Flower Rouge

    La Folie - Collier, Bracelet, Acc. Tel
    : Hmm, not a great shot actually. They look great IRL and worn :smile:
    RIMG0264.JPG RIMG0267.JPG RIMG0266.JPG
  9. And the group shots/close ups :smile:


    RIMG0268.JPG RIMG0270.JPG
  10. nice haul!
  12. yay! finally someone got the much anticipated La Folie jewellery. they look really nice and understated. congrats on your new goodies :tup:
  13. Oro,
    This is the first time I'm seeing the trunks scarf and those HOT jewelry pieces!!!! Congrats, they are gorgeous!!! Now you need to post some modeling pics of the jewelry.......!!!!!!!!!
  14. It's ₤140 on the LV UK site ;)
  15. Oh Wowie, what an awesome haul you got there.

    You got such great taste as well. :tup:

    The Carre Monogram Trunks Scarf is my favorite ..... so stunning.

    Congrats on all those new LV beauties!