Accessories overkill.

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  1. I just had to share the most amazing sight I saw at the weekend. A lady dressed in black and white (not chanel) With huge Chanel CC glasses, White Cambon bowler with black CC's, Large Black J12, Black and white CC logo pumps, carrying a chanel shopping bag. :roflmfao:

    Does anyone else see the picture. :wtf: Is there definately some Chanel accessories overkill going on here. How many CC logo's should a girl wear at the same time???? Opinions please!!!!!!!!!!
  2. She does sound like a walking advertisement...but i'm still a little envious of the J12 and pumps.
  3. Wow... logos will never cover up personal insecurity, and in this instance, only serves to highlight the fact!
  4. ITA with you. She was in a very look at me kind of state. Perhaps Chanel was paying her for the advertisement. he he
  5. I'm not sure but I think it was Coco who said before you walk out of the door, remove one accessory. That lady should have definitely followed that advice!
  6. I limit myself with two CC items bf walking out the door. Once I had cc bag, earrings and scarf on and I felt so uncomfortable all day. :roflmfao:
  7. Well it does sound like a bit too much ... I wonder what's in her Chanel shopping bag?

  8. SO true!!! :tup:
  9. should have changed the bag and shoes! I'd wear the earrings, glasses and watch tho...more understanted accessories.
  10. That's funny ... I just hope she's getting paid to wear all that CHANEL stuff. Personally, I think that's too overdone, but I guess to each his own, right?
  11. I would prefer it if Chanel left off the CCs and huge logos on everything. I love Chanel, but the logos are horrid.
  12. I always wear chanel sunglasses, so I guess if I have more than a chanel bag as well I am overdressed?
  13. That's hilarious. My mom does stuff like that sometimes. I mean it's not THAT bad but she carries a GST, wears sunglasses and the black or gold ballet flats with the smaller logo on the cap toe. They're more understated logos I guess but I still laugh sometimes.
    I usually just have one of my bags and sunglasses (though now I'm wearing LV ones). Or I'll forgo the bag and use an understated LV one and wear my black/black Cambon flats. It actually looks decent.
  14. I try to limit myself from 1-3. I get nervous carrying/wearing too much.
  15. perhaps it was the black white combo that made it more obvious... i imagine if the logos were less conspicuous and more tasteful it might have worked better. that being said that definitely sounds like overkill to me.
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