Accessories Mags = Bad

  1. So today I was at Border's picking up a book for my friend's 21st birthday tomorrow. I picked up her up a book with hundreds of shots recipes and on my way out I happened to pick up Elle Accessories and WWD Accessories (which has a gorgeous sage-colored Christian Dior on the cover). I'm so looking forward to reading them but at the same time it could spell my doom as I'm on a ban. Can anyone feel my pain?? Or am I just crazy?? :graucho::crybaby::nuts::rolleyes:
  2. Ha! I'm sure most of us are in the same boat. I look forward to Lucky magazine every month just to see what I can buy. Sigh...
  3. I already had Elle Accessories, but I didn't even know about WWD Accessories. I'll have to check that out.
  4. Last summer while I was at Narita Airport in Tokyo on my way to and from Saigon, Vietnam, I bought like 4 accessory magazines both times and spent most of the time on the flight completely occupied :blush:
    I still have them and pull them out every once in a while for ideas
  5. Fashion magazines create such temptation for me too! I love Elle, InStyle, and Vogue. Every issue makes me want to buy more and more. Not so much the clothes, but the shoes, handbags and jewelry.
  6. Better to pick up a fashion magazine than a pack of cigarettes, anytime a girl wanted to buy cigarettes at CVS, I told them it'd be healthier if they bought a magazine instead for the same price including tax. @___@
  7. I loved all of those magazines in Narita, even if I can't read Japanese. I also bought a bunch of fashion magazines in China, much cheaper than anything I could buy in the US and a lot thicker with new purchase ideas :smile:
  8. Wow I didn't even know they had accessories magazines! Must check them out at Borders one of these days.
  9. Yeah, I've bought Elle Accessories in the past but wasn't aware of WWD (Women's Wear Daily). I spent several hours last night looking through them and brought them to work today. I guess if I'm on a ban, browsing is the next best thing. Browsing can be dangerous though....:graucho:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Yes, I can feel your pain. Page after page of beautiful accessories that you cannot buy. :sad:
  11. I meant to say I am in the same boat!!
  12. I have to stay away from those mags.
  13. Oh my gosh! Is the Elle Accessories issue already out?!?!?! I have got to go get that. And, yes, clearly I'm feeling your pain!
  14. My neighbor gets all the Neiman catalogs and some of them are just shoes, or bags, or jewelry, and gives them to me. I drool over all of them (specially the fall catalogs). I will look for the accessory mags mentioned, they sound dangerous.