Accessories in Need of Rejuvenation

  1. Has anyone sent their precious wallets or other leather accessories to Hermes for a renewal of appearance? I recently purchased a rouge Bearn wallet in Epsom from a reseller. It definitely needs restitching and the leather needs cleaning and conditioning. I was also wondering could I make a request that the entire wallet be restitched in white thread.... Is this nuts? I need some advice on how to handle this when I go in to Hermes this week. Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't know about restitching the whole thing but I took in my bifold bearn (epsom) because some stitches came loose at the fold and they fixed (tacked?) it. Good as new! I don't remember the cost, sorry, but it must have been somewhat reasonable, or-I-would-remember-* ;)
  3. I just got my Dogon needed some stitching on the flap-closure thingey....get this - NO CHARGE!!!
  4. Wow! I hope I'm that lucky. BTW, how long did it take to repair and return it? Thanks for the info.
  5. I have had two bearns worked on and with one of them they had two replace the 'H' in the front and restitch the entire interior pocket. I honestly don't know how it got so damaged, I had given it to my mother and she wrecked it. However, Hermes did the work and replaced the front HW, nicely -- the primary cost was the replacement of the HW...I have however given it back to my Mom, so who knows how long it will take for her to ruin it once again.
  6. ^your mother most know mine, who always sems to be unduly hard on things- she's gone through literally 4 portable DVD players in the past couple years :wtf:

    Anyway great thread- I've been wanting to ask the same question. Does anyone know how good H is at removing stains and well-ingrained muck?
  7. ^^I know! Somehow her house is spotless and her purse is a nightmare! I do think that they can do a pretty good cleaning of muck and depending on what the spot is and which leather they are working on, they'll get the spot off.
  8. We were told by my SA that my GM agenda could be sent back any time for a refurb. :tup: My husband heard that and he had no issues with shelling out the money for it!

    He now totally respects Hermes! (made getting my Birkin easier too!) Yippee!! :yahoo:

    I just :love: Hermes!
  9. First let me say that I believe in Hermes spa treatments. I take my bags on an as needed basis and have never had reason to complain. Hopefully the following is a one time only ocurrance.
    I purchased from a pfer a well used watermelon coin purse. Within days of receiving it, I took it to my H store for a spa treatment. I was told that it was sent to Paris. I had visions of it coming back looking almost new. Four months later I received a call from my SA that it was back in. I took it home and compared it to the pictures of the sale -- IT WAS WORSE! The exterior may have been cleaned but I could not tell because the watermelon seeds were smudged all over and not repainted. Sooooo I took it back and have not seen it . . . it has been about 5 months.
  10. yikes Sus- I sincerely hope that was an isolated incident! Did you still have to pay for the cleaning?
  11. Another question: does H (assuming there's no restitching or hardware replacement) charge based on the model or how much work goes into cleaning it?