accessories galore

  1. so yesterday i was at the mall with my best friend and we werent really planning on buying anything, we just went to look around. we made one last stop at ICING before we were almost out the door. we got some of the cutest things, and for cheap too. i was gonna pot this thread in the deals and steals but i think it goes better here. we went halfsies on the 15 items for $5. and this is the loot i brought home.


    the watch wasnt part of the 15 but it was only $2.50 and the headband with the tiny white dots was only a dollar at target ( our next stop after the mall) and i think the best thing was the trio of purple headbands, because they came in a pack so they counted as one item :tup:

    so what do you guys think, did i do good on my selection or what?

    maybe my friend can post what she came home with also when she sees my thread.